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please make it easier

lowkey too annoying. i wanted a fun erotic game, instead ended up pent up and frustrated

fair point

am i the only one heavily simping for ranok? im a guy and even i am attracted to him. if i had him irl i would never want anybody else male or female. seriously ranok is amazing

I have tried a different mod that allows me to change the keys i use, and would like you to incorporate QW OP as a key scheme

The game is too difficult to be a horror game, the shotgun shells almost never hit properly, ti shoot them sometimes and do no damage, i mean the office part was scary at first, but then it just got annoying. I feel like this was a good game, but then it just goes downhill the more you play. And a bossfight? wtf? idk thats just my opinion. its a good game, but the whole health bar shotgun aspect of it kinda ruined it in my opinion

(Spoiler warning dont read this if you havent played this is a question to the developer) Is this supposed to be like the mother got infected? Because i am a tad bit confused on how the whole story plays out. Great game btw

BRAVOOOOO such a fucking amazing game 10/10 and love the two different endings. AND IN JUST 10 DAYS!!! you are amazing 

am i the only one whose text wasnt working? i cant see anything anybiody is saying


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this game is amazing, but way too difficult. it ruins the game

As im sitting here saddened byt the menu music, i relish in the fact that i read all of the story so far in less that three days. I absolutely adore this so far. And id go as far to say that im rushing on ranok in person as well. i am a guy,and i completely adore himmm. i want more pleaseeeeeeee.  never have i ever been so obsessed with a game until now. 

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i got bored after being stuck for 20 minutes in the water/blood sloshy area. i dont know if it was the end or not, but im just gonna move on to the next game. overall the game isnt bad, just a tad bit confusing with where to go and what to do at times