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Got another one from the trailer :)
"lets get this over with" -> "let's"

In this video (@1:35), the text "from last year" overflows the box

Looking at the script, I've marked up some missing punctuation here, if you're interested:

I think it can be done by separating "what are you doing? / what's going on" questions, and greetings.

Excellent! (only tried in the simulator, and I feel it's a bit too easy there).

Some of the player's responses don't seem to fit what the Lawyer is saying. Several times the response was "Nothing much" when the lawyer just said things like "hi".

A few typos:

"bafore" -> "before
"accidentially" -> "accidentally"
"I was going to say I dont care" -> "don't"
"lunch and i'm craving" -> "I'm"
"Don't implecate yourself" -> "implicate"

I also opened a feature request in the forums asking for some official guidelines, and maybe proper support for (both for tooling and sideloading to the device itself) to ease the process for users.

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I think it's an off-by-one SDK bug in playdate.file.listFiles. If I give it a directory with one file, it just returns "../". If I add one dummy, it gives me rdk.json and not the dummy file. Reported upstream here:

If it gets no response, I'll open a new bug rather than reply to an old one.

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Oh, it's open source. I'll just try running the code directly and report back.

I'm not sure this is it. It has the correct permissions, and when I run the simulator with `strace`, I don't see a system call that attempts to open rdk.json before the crash happens.

I found my data folder by choosing "Reveal Data Folder..." in the SDK menu. I can send it to you if you wish.

I can also provide any debug information that might be helpful.

I'm on Linux. Didn't create any puzzles yet.

This is the first time I'm trying to simulator, so maybe I'm doing something wrong. I'm not even sure how to reset my save data to test afresh.

Sketching works fine, and I can "Solve and Save", and try to solve. But if I then go back to the main menu and try "Solve", it crashes again.

Another issue(?) I noticed: In the "choose a profile" screen, if I move between profiles, it switches the avatar in the top status line, but it always says "Player" - should it say the current player name instead? The same status line says "Player" even after I choose a player.

When running in the Simulator from the 1.10.0 SDK, the game gives the following error when choosing "Solve" from the "Let's Play" menu:

update failed: sidebar/select-creator.lua:54: attempt to index a nil value (local 'creator')

stack traceback:
    sidebar/select-creator.lua:54: in method 'enter'
    main.lua:183: in function 'switch'
    main.lua:423: in field 'onSelected'
    sidebar/sidebar.lua:151: in method 'AButtonDown'
    input/default.lua:68: in function <input/default.lua:65>

I don't know where I got the "20" from 😅 Anyway, it's still double the size it needs to be if all you want is to play the game, and I wonder if getting the pdx folder out of the zip is a step that can be avoided. Whatever :) Excited to get the Playdate when I'm able to.

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The "Download" section says the file is 0 bytes, even though it's 20. Is that an Itch bug, or a problem with the upload?

I also noticed that the download file has both the source code, and a pdx directory. Maybe separate these into two downloads, so it's easier to sideload. (Unless I'm missing something about how this is supposed to work)

salty-horse is fine, but there's really no need. I just reported that something is wrong with the itch version, and haven't even played the game yet (sorry!)

Thanks, it seems fine now!

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Bug report:
The cover image (link) doesn't load -- gives the error "Anonymous caller does not have storage.objects.get access to the Google Cloud Storage object."

And I'm not sure it's working properly -- the parser box isn't visible in the itch frame, and if I view the game in a separate window, the > prompt does't appear on a new line, and the input box looks like an unstyled html input box, rather than what I'm used to with parchment.

cool game btw :)


There are quite a few games incorrectly-tagged like that, which makes me think it's a UI problem. Would you say there's something that can be improved in itch's "Upload New Project" page to avoid this accident? I tried playing with it, and entering "puzzle" and "puzzles", and it seems to do what I expected.

Since this isn't a puzzlescript game, do you mind removing the PuzzleScript tag?

Do you mind removing the PuzzleScript tag? This isn't a puzzlescript game.

I think the PuzzleScript tag was added by mistake.

Is the PuzzleScript tag accurate? This doesn't look like a PuzzleScript game.

Is it possible to add a save feature using localStorage, and maybe a level select screen? If I quit or even accidentally refresh the page, all progress is lost.