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There's a lot of interesting mechanics here, especially for a visual novel. I've never been disappointed by the fact that being the good guy is the easier route in most games, but seeing a game that is trying to buck that trend is interesting. I do wish the principled option didn't predictably lead to a game over, because that does feel like a missed opportunity to have an alternate campaign where the twins have taken everything over and you lead a resistance. I understand that would be a good amount of work to do, though, so I don't blame you if you just don't want to do that. 

I don't mind seeing the wife character sleeping with other people, and I would like Rowan to be able to sleep with other people as well, but I don't want them doing that without explicit permission from each other to open their relationship, for story immersion/roleplaying purposes. I'd like to have the option to see them give each other that permission very early on, ideally in the opening section of the game before everything kicks off.


Also, the death scene for the elder felt very rushed. It happened and then it was over, and it didn't seem to affect Rowan very much, I mean there's not even an option to discuss it with his wife. It just felt like it should have more impact outside of that one scene.


I don't know how much of this game I actually will play, because I really do not like playing the bad guy in games, but the idea of trying to remain good in a bad situation does sound reasonably compelling, so we'll see.

The amount of work gone into this is very impressive, and the game can definitely eat up a few hours even at this stage. 

But for my own personal ability to satisfy my ethics and enjoy the game, I'd appreciate if you could clear some things up for me (and maybe add the answers to the game in a throwaway line somewhere?): Is Jen bisexual, and would Karen be okay with Jen fucking other people (and especially men)? I'm hoping the canon answers to these questions are yes, because I don't want to be forcing Jen to have sex she doesn't enjoy, and I don't want to have her cheating on her girlfriend. 

I'm also not sure how I feel about the scene at the beginning where Karen is, frankly, being raped. I understand it's there to help the player understand that something more is going on with the villain's abilities, but honestly I'm not sure how well it does that. 

I think the same or better effect could come across with the villain approaching Karen in a cell and asking her questions while she gets eaten out by someone she's in full control of already, as an intimidation tactic, but Karen is never involved. It still gets the message across that the villain can control people, and explains what has happened to Karen, but doesn't involve her getting raped, and I would prefer that to what is currently in the game.

So I tried playing the game again and realized my Xbox controller was still connected to my PC. That was the problem, when a controller is connected, the game doesn't accept mouse input.

The opening "select your difficulty" screen doesn't allow any input, so I can't get past it to play the game. The game is still running, because the background is still scrolling, but the mouse disappears whenever I roll into the game window. The previous "click to continue" screen works fine, though. Also, the announcer saying "Shady Lewd Kart" gets cut off by the difficulty screen. 

This looked interesting, and I downloaded and played it, but was disappointed to find that there wasn't obvious consent on the part of the girls. Would it be possible in a future update to make it so that girls (and any future partner options) who want to be tentacled stand in front of lockers, maybe with little hearts-with-tentacles over their heads or something, and when you grab them, their mouths go into a smile instead of the surprised "o" that they form now? And when a girl exits a locker, some others who see her and are surprised become interested, getting the tentacle-heart icon? Obviously play around with this idea as you'd like, I'm no game designer, but little touches like this would make the game more enjoyable and fun for me. Thanks!