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not all games have to be installed

its not a downloadable game

i just gave my reasoning and I think this is over, also I’m not blind- I saw the comment.

ok I have my proof. I would’ve never thought you were real, or my brain is fried.

You can end this, but you still started it and the internet never forgets, kid.

in order to make videos like he does (object animations or sm else), he’d have to be on pc. You can see the battery in the top right corner. He most likely edited this because the real mationsBOMB doesn’t use grammer like this mationsBOMB does- there’s no ending punctiation more than most of the time and there’s a grammer mistake hard to miss when typing. One more thing; you’re imiture. (god there’s so many grammer mistakes..)

that isn’t important

you also don’t have your YT linked on your itch profile and not even a profile or discription.

you just took a screenshot. For proof show me his/yours anilitics. Or upload a vid “exposing me”

if so, he’d have the game on his profile, because it’s a collab.

huh.. say that again. You don’t have the game on your profile. And this game is made by a diffrent dev.

*coming from the fake one

just extract it yourself and run the .exe

bro just wait its 87% done


also you cant pirate a free game bc PT demos are free and the creator based this off of an old one

its just normal GD

wydm it is

(1 edit)

not to be mean or anything but it sucks

The myth is back! PS. can you do Egg's lap mod next?

nah its the pizza tower of platforming games

move your mouse cursor that's all you need to know
(or you could just look in the how to play)

i ate beef

im too lazy to redo it

theres no green flag

to ez

i got 48

i just joined today and made a short game that goes on forever lol

its not a virus. it says that cuz im a unverifyed puplisher, also this is a differnt account cuz i forgot my password


how do i move

does this work with the p rank build?

its not. you're pc thinks its one because its from a unverifed uploader. I also turned on my VPN and played it, its not a virus