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you can throw it out the apartment on the floor in the hall I did once when I wanted to see if it could work and she still said everything is where it should be hidden, although I did lose points for it not being in the trash so I had to stop doing that.  It was also kinda rude of me to do that since it would then be in everyone's way. But hey at least my place was clean

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turns out not the next time I played the archer killed me and she was the one I kept alive should the archer be able to hit me I'm confused am I really on their team if they can hit me. I still had tons of fun playing it though it's an amazing game

after awhile I didn't have to read them because I accidently let everyone accept the archer die although we still made to the boss battle which the other 2 luckily were alive again cause I would not have been able to beat that boss with only the archer.  although before that the archer kept running towards the enemies and wouldn't back away which I thought was odd since archers all called range support units, so I had to keep kicking her away from them which is how I lost track of the other 2 leading to their deaths. Ops O well I still got the final hits on the boss and kept them alive for most of so they should stop be so toxic towards me

keep getting the new guns uzi and sniper not needed and after awhile turret and rocket launchers make you look obsolete also the auto repair stack becoming much faster it seems to repair faster then they damge

just made it to 100 and have to agree with one of the guys that commented before.  this is the best game I have ever played on

I made it to from 1-63 but was only able to get to 97 that time around honestly didn't even know it ended

I find it funny because player one is what I typed in both times and then it tells that's wrong and that it has to be player 1.  well that and breaking everything that was also funny and fun

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also I need an argument to be settled between me and a friend that I sent told about the game.  1 do the hits after you die count, I think they do but they think there is no reason for them to because your dead and for that they do not.  2 are there moments in the game were it just gets real hectic within less then a second 10 guy or so pile on you making it almost impossible.  they think I need to just get better at the game and that those moments actually make it very easy to level up.  3 at some point it really starts to seem like it would be easier not to use abilities at all since they stop your movement and leave you open to attack during activation. I think yes but my friend thinks I am being absurd because the abilities are very helpful.  so I was hoping that you guys that have played the and maybe even the developer could just tell me.  whose right

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would really like more explanation and possibly a warning as when I finish the the second one time I was right in the middle of 4 guys and kinda did not realize right away even with 3 lives was haked to bits instantly as they all hit me. If had known I was completely vulnerable at that point.  and able to control again probably would not have, also one of the armored was able to hit me well I was in the air using the first spell. happened but other then I really enjoyed the game it was amazing and would like to do more if it gets updated.  maybe a small area to test new abilities before playing with them once you have unlocked them would be nice.  then again it was one of the best games I have played in forever and considering it was made in 3 days that is very amazing and special. 

another amazing game from this developer it did have some problems though as it would have been nice to be able to move and attack at the same time,  having to stop makes it a lot easier for them to hit you

I really enjoyed the game even went back and did it again to see I could save the dog, turns out the answer is no.

If you are still working on things like this I would be vey happy to check them out and help you develop if there in beta. 

That is kinda what I do with a lot of games.  I like to look for in development games to help the devs.

I am also a writer if you wanna go over stories or anything I would be very happy to help