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Slightly discouloured vomit

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joel check the rada

No Mac ports?

just replace your pc's fan with an industrial grade air conditioner, that should fix it

i could give you the link to the mother 3 randomizer, since its very hard to find on your own and you'd have to go through the forums, which is both depressing due to nostalgia and hard because the website is shittily designed

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trust me, about 70 of those times were me doing a randomizer or challenge run, there is no way i can play default mother 3 150 times without me losing my sanity, also, i found out that someone created a tvtropes page for this, so thats pretty cool

funnily enough, this has actually became my new comfort game, due to mother 3 getting old after you've played it 150 times (this is not an exaggeration), and omori being depressing if you do the Hikikomori route, which i did last due to me knowing how fucked up it is, so this is really the only rpg that i havent done everything yet, that i can actively play without 

A: fucking myself up mentally for 30 hours

B: wasting 30 hours for the 151st time.

so yeah, thanks for making this game and being wonderful in general!

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Eh, i dont care, ive spent 30 hours in the MOTHER 3 debug room before, so tiny bugs like the safe bug are funnier to me than most people.

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Random Bug: sometimes a safe's last number will start as 1, this just happens randomly and is very rare, but doesnt effect gameplay, its just very funny for no reason. Also would be funny and extremely unbalanced if the Randomnomicon randomized everyone's skillset, so we can finally see Alicia have Pale Luna and Miriam have Batting Stance

Yeah i need help with those 2, sorry for bothering.

So, uh, I am a fucking idiot so i cant find the Key of Regret and the Princess Zone Triangle, so, im sorry for asking this, but can i atleast have a pointer to where those 2 are at? I am sorry for the trouble, so uh, Here's a Sprite Group of Jeff, i guess.