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wait, that crashsite?

I found the canyon one before this reply, and the oasis one is the one i found first, i wonder where that race track one is...guess i'll have to found out.

Dragonflying community » Other · Created a new topic Easter eggs?

I've found one, wondering if anyone has found others. is trustworthy

Keep on making great content!

Maybe a type of mortar for the artillery, and totes needs LMGs and SMGs

ive been able to run the game well with 300 bots on the new desert map. only nightvision lags me.

git gud i play with 300

Uh, night vision has been extremely laggy for me.

YASSS BETA4!11!!1!

is gud 69/14 gem of teh yer

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Much more fun to do it yourself, maybe with a few hundred bots and some rockets thrown in.

Edit: also whats with the way too loud music overused music and low fps

Hey, can you please add some version of an LMG and some version of an SMG after beta 4 is done?