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Your Red Embrace games never dissapoint! Always so atmospheric, the music, the visuals, the melancholia. Can't wait for the new one in Las Vegas :)

Wait, is it even possible to make WTMC better? Looking forward to playing it again! And with voiceover... mmmm *insert dreamy drooling*

Darn it, you're too good with words... No wonder, I loved your novel <3

Hi there! I regret that I couldn't contain myself and played your demo. Now I love it too much and suffer because I can't get more immediatly. *sigh* Now I need to forget all I saw and come back months later to play it again! Cruel! 

Seriously though, it's super beautiful, intriguing and lovable! (older, darker Howl? Please, take my money). 

Hey! Definitely a good start! Gorgeous art, handsome men, promising story. The MC is so far a good balance of vulnerable feminity and some backbone and skill. If the plot further down the line has some depth to it, the game will be truly awesome!

I second that post! I say a love story is as good as its context, and your stories are book quality! I devoured Cardinal Cross, accidently learned that you have more games, devoured them in a weekend and impatiently awaiting more... 

I love how the characters in these games are all equally interesting! I couldn't choose the LI till the last moment. In the end, I chose Raelan. Because... Alistair, you know. Adorkable. And very grown up at the end, brought tears to my eyes))