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Well, the game is dead, and I doubt the comments are being checked, but I finally got around to trying the "full" prologue (I played the first demo a while ago), and I gotta say, this was fun! I liked the characters, the stages were nice, storyline was getting interesting. I've never been big on mini-games, but they were alright enough for making use of the space. Faster dash would have been good. Hopefully the newer, smaller games are able to get made and released to follow up.

That was cute. :)

Just wanted to say I enjoy this comic, cool supernatural themes, and fun characters! I like the little book-end pages too, nice peak behind the "camera", haha!

Bought this in a bundle, but only now got to it. Have been intrigued by the idea of it. An interesting story told in an interesting way. I'm usually decent at piecing together context clues, but there's a few details I think I'm still lost on. Have only played through each chapter once in full, though.

Ren was probably my favorite of the lot, or should I say was the most intriguing.

Only chapter I flat didn't much care for was Alem's, because the text parser options constantly dead-ended me, and I never was able to get to where I could Act, though I reached what could have been interpreted as an ending passage and left it at that. Naturally, that's the one I started on, and it put me off trying the rest of the story for a while, but I'm glad I came back to it.

Good work!

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This was a fun little demo! Love the characters, art aesthetic is nice, and the level design so far is solid. I like having the dual-characters mechanic, being able to swap them out on the fly is a great system I rarely see in other games. Definitely interested to see how future tools operate.

Having them play rock-paper-scissors when idling is adorable!

Thanks again! I'm glad others are enjoying it, too!

As for the future, I don't really know when I'll get to another game project. These things kind of just come to me sporadically with years in between (Penetration was made back in 2017, and Metis in 2021). In the meantime, most of my focus has been writing the stories (also very sporadically). At some point, I'd like to do another game project, but not sure when or what yet.

So, sorry to say, but you'll probably be waiting a while for another game. In the meantime, you can check out my blog for various stories across various settings, if you haven't already.

Actually, I should probably add a link the description for that, I don't know why I didn't do that before. :V

Thank you very much for the comment!

This side of the lore has been something I've always kept in the background in the stories, especially after I tried years ago to reboot it out of the SMW proper. But the concepts would not leave me alone, and I still find myself sneaking it into the stories now and again.

It's been nice, with these games, to tap into the deeper lore of the setting; this one in particular, I thought, would turn off a lot of people, but I had to get the idea out of me! It's gratifying to know some people enjoyed it, despite it being pretty far off from the usual SMW material. :)

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A fun and silly series that brings a comedy-of-errors humor to the daily shenanigans of a magical girl team. Occasionally slice-of-life, occasionally on-the-clock, with a sprinkling of cartoony action. Not normally my style, but there's a charm to it with this one. I really like the art design, with characters that are simplified, but in a very unique style I've never quite seen before.

The book's format is in and of itself a bit nostalgic, with episodes in classic newspaper strip form, and thus having the book itself fitted to a landscape layout like the old newspaper strip collection editions.

Aha! Funnily enough, I literally just managed to beat him without even knowing that. Took a while, though!
Still have not found bugmeister yet, actually, but thanks!

A wacky piece of niche passion project! Hard, but fun, and an admirable one-man effort. I have been following the  development of the game for a little while, and had read the comic that preceded it, so seeing the project evolve in real time has been a fun journey. Most impressive!

That said, I dunno how much this will appeal outside of that niche, given the obscure subject matter, but the game itself is still interestingly wacky in style, and all the little extras packed into the turn based battle system make for some added fun.

Pretty solid game, though I rage quit at the Dracula fight. Bosses really need health bars so I could tell how bad I'm doing. Feels like I hit Drac five hundred times and he's still trucking.

Otherwise, I like the simple set up, and switching characters to unlock different playstyles has always been one of my favorite mechanics in games. Good work!

The game didn't end up being to my taste despite my own penchant for magical femdom, but I will say I admire the work that was put into making this. Good job.

This is pretty good! An interesting world and dramatic characters, and the sizeable level design with an effort to mix up play styles is impressive!

This was really great! I don't usually get into Adventure Games despite liking the idea of them, because the story pacing drags or the puzzles are obtuse or the story ends up being not well done, but everything clicks into place with this one. Graphics and Music set just the right mood, and the looming threat of the falling moon, plus the different possible apocalyptic dangers make for interesting playthroughs, and it all balances well. Thanks for making it!

I played this game from a previous Bundle, but noticed it was in the latest one, too, and remembered I never left a comment.

This was a really fun little Zelda clone, and despite being shorter than those, felt like a full game, with solid polish. I really loved the music, too, which is something I usually tend to tune out in games.

Good times!

A Short Hike community · Created a new topic Fun!

Just wanted to say that was fun!

Loved it! Super cute, very Kirby!

Gave it a whirl. A fun little collect-a-thon! Looking forward to the full game. Keep up the good work! :)

Have not finished yet, but wanted to say I've enjoyed it so far! Characters and dialogue are funny. I like the simplified art style, with the combination of black and white full body sprites, but the colored face portraits to still give us a sense of the color schemes. Keep up the good work!

This was cute! Art style, characters, all very warm and cozy.

Intrigued by the mystery of the magic. Keep up the good work.

Thank you very much! :)

No idea when I'll get around to making another one of these, but hopefully I'll be able to acquire more assets to work with.

A pleasant little story. I like the idea of short little VNs like this. Art is gorgeous.

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I love the idea of little micro-RPGs like this, but I like how you manage to squeeze the most out of a small amount of materials, so to speak. Very cool, cute, and fun. :)