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Mario Salamander (they/them)

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Hello, I sometimes struggle reading text that is not all horizontal. Today while rereading parts of the srd I had a hard time focusing on the Text and got distracted by the Layout that was in different angles. Is there a change that we could get the Text as a txt or html format so it's easier to read for someone like me?

wonderful concept, love the art. will keep an eye on this one. 

Ist lange her aber hat beim Bullen von Tölz nicht eigentlich die Haushälterin die meisten Hinweise geliefert oder war das ne andere Serie?

Yeah großartig. Da warte ich schon so lange drauf. Ich werde auch auf jeden Fall nochmal nen Fall dafür schreiben

This game is pure antisemitism and hamas propaganda.

Solidarity with Israel

Yes of course.

So played it online and we had such a lovely evening playing candy in a giant kitchen kabinet. Especially the summer holidays were such a wholesome story. Love this game.

Such a fun game.

Oh I just saw the new layout. I love it.

But I also have two questions:

  1. will there be a printer friendly version again?
  2. What tools would you suggest to play it online?

Such a lovely game. Cozy Adventures with pets set in a magical school, I love it.

Sorry it took me that long to complet it, but here is the character keeper link, just make a copy.

I allready got the players tab, need to add factions, GM section and polish it a bit, then it'll be added to the gauntlets play aids folder for everyone to use.

Hey I'd like to make a character keeper which is a google spreadsheet with a the character informations player need and some clocks and other info for the gm. Therefore I would like to ask if I could use some Info like the abilities list to make that a dropdown list for players to choose? I'd like to also include the  Factions notable members and their Clocks. What are your thoughts on that?