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Sal the Salmon Shark

A member registered Dec 20, 2016

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Is there any walkthrough of the game?

Because i'm having a hard time to get the endings.

But I really love the game, the voice acting is really good and I really like all the characters  (even Nico even if he is a trashcan), and the main character is very likeable as well :)

i'll definetly buy any dlcs or fandisks you add, this game is wonderful and definetly deserves it! :D

This game is so cute and the characters are so lovely and it's all so good ahufbsysjsyshdje

You should change the download mode to name your own price so people can donate because you deserve it <3 (or at least tell me if you have a kofi page or something)

I like all the characters, some more or less than other but they are all charming and cute and they all need some love ;w; 

Toshio was my favorite, his route was so funny and with so much fluff, even though I cried my eyes out in his ending (I wanted and epilogue just to see them reunite but well c'''':)

And about the twist in Haru's route, I think there's nothing you should apologise for, the game's description clearly states (GxB), so that enough should be a hint. Don't let any negative comments about that affect you. It really was a charming and cute game, I'm hooked for your next projects! :D

When I read the premise I thought it would be more like a parody game, but I actually enjoyed it a lot. The comedy is great but without being overbearing, I liked the references and the 4th wall breaks, and how likeable the characters were. You sympathise so much with the MC and just want her to be happy (sorry, I don't have the heart to do the bad endings ;;-;;)

I think my favorite route was Rico's, because of how much they help each other to gain confidence and both of them evolved at the end.

If I have to nitpick, aaaah, I wish the endings were a bit longer, or at least a "where are they now" epilogue, but it really exceeded my expectations of a game I thought it would just be a silly parody, and I hope to see more of your projects in the future!

I still haven't completely finished the game (I managed to get 2 endings) but I really like from start to finish :) The main characters are all so likeable and charming, even Erika, knowing how hard is to make a kid character without being annoying, it surprised me how she was written. It's hard to pick a favorite character when they are so likeable (specially the main trio and the MC) but I think George was my favourite character even if he wasn't there for that long.            *****SPOILERS AHEAD*****

 I was kinda suspicious of how kind he was from the beginning and got paranoid that he was with the bad guys or something, I'm so glad I was wrong at the end.

It's hard to pick a least favourite character, so I guess the bad guys themselves are the one I dislike the most.

If there's a thing I guess I disliked about the game is how the endings were a bit short/abrupt? It would've been nice to have an epilogue or something.

Anyway sorry for the very long test, but I really did enjoy the game, I look forward to your future projects! :)

I really look forward it! I loved the first game and I still replay it from time to time. I'm sure it will be an even better sequel :)

Anyone has a guide for the ends? :( i really enjoyed the game, but i'm really clumsy and i always get the same ending...