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I was looking for a pirate generator, so I’m glad I found it.

However, I think “Physical games” is a more appropriate category for this work than “Assets”.

If you destroy the door at “A”, I think the destination is “H”, not “O”.

I have a question.

I have only 3 in-game weeks.

I start with 16 Conviction.

I can spend Conviction up to 5 per week.

So I can only use 15 Convictions in 3 weeks.

Thank you!

I have some questions in the game.

Or maybe I misunderstand the rules. I'm sorry at that time.

- In Twist, "You can't get negative points.", Does this mean that the "point will not be negative"? Or does it mean "if the point is 0, you can't choose it"?

- I can't get negative points in Twist. But, can I get negative points in Event?

- I have [1 Gender] and [0 Orientation]. I roll 17, Event "-1 gender or -1 orientation". Can I choice orientation? If possible, how many orientation points will I get?

- If Twist happens, Do I roll the dice before or after event processing? (Probably later)

- If I roll the same entry 3 times, 4 times, 5 times, 6 times. What happen? Does it Twist every time? Or Does Twist occur 2nd, 4th, and 6th entry? Is it only the second time?


If Twist happens in every same entry, and If I have 0 point and rolled all entry, My point is unlikely to be 2. Because if I get 1 point, the twist will reduce it to zero. Even I roll 20, will drop to 0 point with a 5/6 chance.


I think the game is a little too long. Event points total ±0. My goal is to get total 6 Points(3 gender + 3 orientation).

This is especially true if I can't use the ……"I have [1 Gender] and [0 Orientation], Event is  "-1 gender or -1 orientation". I choice orientation, and Point can't be negative. As a result, the penalty can be ignored.".

(This is an opinion as a game. It will take a long, long time for the egg shell to crack.)

I think you should increase positive events, or reduce the required total point. Or, if the d6 test is successful once, it will be a goal.


How about changing to "3 Identity Points in gender or orientation" instead of "3 Identity Points in both gender and orientation" ?

If character gets [0 Gender] and [3 Orientation], could he be cis gay?

(However, "Even if he is cis gay, he needs gender points to be confident that he is cis." Seems to make sense.)

On page 6, item "33" in the [Vibes] and [Frame Features] Table is missing.

"Village Witch card tables.txt" isn't written The Major Arcana 16-21

I understand. Thank you.

I have some questions. Spades and Hearts written "so move the result of the die roll 1 away from the TN". 

1. What TN is there? I think it's probably the card number. However, it doesn't seem to be specified in the PDF.

2. If the die and TN are the same, will the result of the die be corrected? 

3. Do both dice receive this effect? If the TN is 4 and the 2d6 results are 3 and 5, will the results move to 2 and 5?

4. Is the die maximum is 6? and minimum is 1? TN is 5 and die result is 6, Will the die be 7?

5. What if I have multiple TNs? 1st  Customer's TN is 5, 2nd is 3. Result is 4. In this case, for example, is it possible to correct the result 4 to 3 by the effect of the 1st customer and match it with the 2nd TN?

thank you.

I missed the sentence "increase by new level." And misunderstood it because the dice in the example sentence was 2.

Fortunes Table doesn't have number.

I'm glad that there is a guideline for leveling up.

However, I think the growth of HP is extremely large. For example, in Lvel 2, there is a 9 HP character. When he reaches Level 3, will his HP be 17 if he gets an 8 in 3d6?

If it becomes 17, if he gets 14 in 4d6 when reach Level 4, his HP will be 31.

Ability Scores of each normal character are 3d6.

On the other hand, after the funnel character has the ability scores of lowest 3 of 4d6.

Why are after the funnel characters weaker than regular characters?

How many jokers does the deck have?

If it's "deck of 52", the deck doesn't have a joker.

"Journey Home Print Friendly Version.pdf" , Event Result 6 is included in a Result 8.

If paragraph B to F, the story will not be connected.

I should gain Sphere, encount harpy.