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what pack are you on?

Is there a theme to the jam? Will it be announced on start? Thanks for setting this up!

Better than any game I've made over the past 6 years of game development


Please make more

I love you

Great game! Way to go kealmcking & Finzlow, the atmosphere is amazing and the writing and story are really good. I was legitimately spooked by that monster a few times. There were a few bugs that made me restart a few times, but overall it was very enjoyable 

Thanks! We plan to keep working on it, and there definitely will be a much more clear objective in the future :)

Top score of 8403! Fun game.

CarlJam 2019 community · Created a new topic Sweet!

Can't wait for this to start

wow. that is a great list of suggestions. I'll be adding a lot of them to the list!

This looks interesting, can't wait to play it :) also, come join us in the discord if you want feedback or anything, everyone here is pretty welcoming

Awesome! Hilarious and fun to play, though I will admit I didn't want to get all of the cats because I felt the walking was too slow. It was short and sweet and you didn't have too large of a scope for your first game either. Had a good beginning, middle, and end! I love it all! The weird floating cat heads with the trippy music set an interesting tone as well. Great job!

This is beautiful!! How long has it been on for? For 3.75 it seems like an asbolute steal

I'm currently looking for the following suggestions:

  • Arena Style (not sure if I want interactive objects on the arena or not). Something like jungle, desert, etc.
  • New enemies, with unique abilities or behaviors.
  • Interesting weapons. They can be normal everyday weapons or very cool ones with interesting functionality.

Awesome!!! I'm very excited to play

I think it would be cool if you had a velocity boost towards the grappling point - kind of like you're zooming into it. Would help players keep up velocity and be able to make jumps and such

Pretty neat! Is GML it's own language?

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Howdy. I've been making music for a while now and would love to hone my skills & help someone with music in their game at the same time. Just message me and I'll get back to you, excited to hear from you guys :)

Hello :) I've never participated in a jam before, but if anyone here is looking for music for their game I've been working in FL Studio for around 6 years and would love to help make something.