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Really cool! looking for more Quest native experiences. Interesting experiment for  AR

As you release future versions will we have to pay again? What about when it hits applab?

Was also wondering about getting a key. I hope that I didn't miss your emails. Have you already detailed the process on how to get this from applab?

I'm VERY interested in your game! the only thing stopping me from buying is basically about how you intend to handle atmosphere in the future. This looks like it was inspired by black barbershops.  If it is, the BIGGEST thing about the shop is the social experience. Are you considering: 

1. Ambient music and sound effects? IT would be AMAZING to have lofi hip hop in the background looping and even just sports audio on a TV screen.  Even if you just rotate still jpegs/.gifs on a TV in that we can see as we look around the room with rotating audio from any archived Basketball, football, or boxing match. Just that authenticity! 

2. allowing up to four people to bring their avatars into the 'lobby', ie the shop, just to TALK to the barber as he/she cuts.  They don't have to have full free movement. They can even be locked in the chair with hand-gestures like the vTime app. The idea is just to allow people to use the app as a place to have conversation. just like a real shop. 

3. Using money to upgrade the shop. Just adding posters on the walls and decorations in the shop. You know that we have to have the sports posters and the various 'personality' stuff. 

4. Finally, If there's an option to just post YOUTUBE on the screen in the room so everybody can see, that would be awesome. A lot of apps aren't getting how important hanging out socially in VR really is!  If you can't do the #1 request, this is actually better because it captures all of that without you having to do the work. Check out this app to see what I mean: 

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Do you plan to add snes emulation support? Or, more ambitiously, any other emulators like M.A.M.E.?  Snes would be awesome, frankly. Also, have you considered an actual arcade environment? 

if this works, 3 bucks well spent. bought.