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Excellent work! I could complete all levels but the last one. Can you help me how to get momentum on the bounce pad?

Wow thanks! I'm VERY slowly but continuing this project

This was so much fun to play, loved it! The only thing I didn't like is that the rotation was a bit difficult and the lever not always reachable when the card was picked up.

Bonus is 1/10th of the City Might after you reached your best

Unique hexes will be fixed in the next update. Check the description how to backup the save data because they are not retained  between updates on

Thanks for pointing it out, I'll look into it.

Be sure to check out the android version, it's much more stable

Thank you, though the development is currently on hold

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Nagyon hangulatos, és a grafika is nagyon tetszett! A kamera és az irányítás néha bebugol, de bele lehet jönni

What do you mean by not fitting the theme very well?

It was a bit hard to figure out the controls, but I really liked the AI and the shooting inaccuracy

Nice game! What engine did you use?

The original idea was to use a slingshot, so if I make a better version, will definitely add some kind of arc. Thanks for playing!

You have to do quick mouse drags while holding left mouse button, see description

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I could barely survive after the warrior died, because the bots didn't keep the distance :D The atmosphere and the concept is great nevertheless

Thank you, it means a lot! :)

Oops, forgot about that, thanks for noticing

Fun concept, but the low-poly ground makes it very difficult to perceive depth (for me at least)

With joysticks and some buttons, or gyroscope

Very challenging game and there is room to improve. I hope you keep working on it, the concept is very good. Maybe port to android? :D

Uploaded a new version, should be fixed now

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Okay I managed to reproduce and further investigate the error so uploaded a new version with improved error handling. There is now a .bat file attached to launch the game with 1 GB limit. Thank you very much for helping me out!

Not sure. We tested it with my friend with even 2 gigs and still didn't work for him

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This is a known issue on some PCs. Do you mind sending me your log file and the System Info box from the main menu?

Köszi! Kitettem a letöltésekbe

Wow ez menő! Tovább fogod fejleszteni, vagy kitehetem a letöltésekbe?

Cool, don't forget to post what you made!

No guide yet, but I uploaded a mod with English comments. Put the randomod folder in the mods folder and examine the structure. All the working functions are included in mod.js

Thank you! I added a score counter, now people should be more careful with doing sides independently. Interaction wasn't planned into this game

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This is a known issue. Did you try creating another world and do you use the latest version? If yes, could you send me the System Info box from the main menu, and your log.txt file?

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Exactly, only Graphics2D was used.

Great game, absolutely doable, not frustrating! I don't often enjoy platformers for this reason

Fun game, I liked it! How long did it take to make it?