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Somehow the middle sequence got me more than the ending sequence, but I loooooooooooooooooooooooved the build up - super fun!

I went and read the creepypasta, and honestly I like a lot of decisions made for the game; I like that a lot of the brutal child/dog stuff isn't in this game. It's overkill. I do wish that this game had more of the spooky scenery and happenings that are depicted though - things hanging from the huts, more walking sequences through a carnival (in this case it feels like a playgroound). The best part might be the model, which I feel could have been shown off more. Overall a solid experience!

I love this so much. I love the models, the simplicity, the silliness. I want more. I want a half hour to hour long experience with the same feeling; goofs, silliness, borderline what the hell is happening to me vibes - and I don't want it without the voice acting quality seen here. This is so lovely. <3

There's a lot to like here; the art is lovely, the world looks interesting and promising, the story has a lot of teasers of things I normally like. However the translation is not the best and breaks immersion, and the current demo ends.. ambiguously? or is bugged and I couldn't figure it out. If the game is only coliseum combat, it's going to feel a little tedious based on the current gameplay. If there's other features, I'd have liked to see them in the demo.

I think I'd like to see the game become a longer experience, with a focus on encompassing and dealing with multiple forms of grief - loss through themes like the video, ambiguous loss (alzheimer's perhaps, loss of a friend), perhaps the aching but understanding loss of a natural/peaceful passing. I'd have liked more descriptions on items or thoughts from the protag while cleaning the space up, it also feels a little icky to not be able to clean the furniture. The game is beautiful with a great concept, though, I really want more!

So cute! I think really like the art of this one, and honestly I've ever played an MC quite like this while also finding it so funny - thank you for the game, happy valentine's day!

Interesting sequences here - I especially like being chased and needing to find a new route/way out. I think that's a concept I'd like to see expanded on a little more with more AI behavior. o:

Really happy this appeared for me so I could find and play it. I didn't find many of the secrets, but I love what's there. A lot of introductions of very deep and important topics, without having to rely too much on what you directly state to the player; the dialogue is extremely evocative for the player's own insertion of their thoughts, feelings, etc. I love surrealism and these not-quite-awake feelings and sentiments portrayed in dreams. I wish I could do something half as cool with my own.

Honestly takes me all the way back to being young and spending all of my free time playing Project Powder. Can't wait to see where this goes. :)

I'm so excited to hear this! Can't wait for the full game - I'm looking forward to any development updates as the team moves forward with the game. It's a fun experience as is, ad I can't wait to see what comes next!

I quite enjoyed the demo! I really love the semi-camp feel; I'm reminded of Tremors, Illbleed, CarnEvil, and Sinister - great bits of horror media that have a similar disgustingly horrible charm. I'd honestly play the snack bar/box office as a full game if given the chance. The posters around the theater were very cool as well! Great uses of colour, composition, really cute/funny premises. Can't wait for the full release. <3

Love the visuals, interesting overall concept; really happy there are two different endings! I would have loved to see something a little more grand if you let the pagan symbols stay, but otherwise the visual style of the game really carried the aesthetic/vibe through both endings. Wonder what's up with the eyeball.. and the awoo heads.. hm! Thanks for the game! 

Excited to see where this one goes! I like the different cups and the winding, awkward pathways through the complex. I think I'd like to see more "items" to find; paintings, necklaces, chairs - what it is doesn't really matter as long as there are enough variations of them possible! I'd like to see more sneaky/slinky behavior from the AI when we're "safe"; leaning around doorways, sitting in chairs, generally in different areas than you last remembered it. I think it would add to some of the apprehension that comes with desperately looking for items and not quite knowing where it is as time slowly ticks down.

Thank you for the tips about right clicking, I'll have to hop on again to try it out. >:)

And of course I'm glad you liked the feedback! I love that you are interested in doing more and have the sprites to do more if you feel like it - very excited for any changes you make in the future! Looking forward to it!

For a gamejam entry this is lovely; I enjoy the level variations, the ghouls are super cute and fun to have with you. I think the difficulty is extremely accessible. I would love to see a longer version of the game when you have more time for it, that expands areas you go, abilities, ghoul types, etc. I played to the end!

I understand wanting the game to be longer, but I think the essence is wrapped up well: time is finite and won't wait for you, and it won't drag out endlessly before you, either. The visuals are nice, the gameplay is smooth, and the puzzle-like element is stimulating. Ultimately, heartbreaking.

So excited for where this project goes!

Really love the theme of this one. I think some tweaking is needed with the sequences at the gas station, they are super jarring when you snap out. The overall aesthetic, the firewatch tower, and the voice acting are REALLY good. I'm super excited for the concept also, can't wait for more!

Fun sequences, quite eerie! I was definitely overthinking the scares, but that's half the fun. :) Wish the fleshy hallway/heart sequence was a bit more.. fleshed out hehe. I'd have liked more of that!

I really liked the various endings, esp flooding the house haha. The creature model is super fun, I think the only thing I might want different would be a few more minor scares before.. y'know. What a fun little experience!!

Definite improvement compared to Paul's Lost Remains! I think this deserved a touch of humour for some added oomph. As it is, a pretty interesting experience. I was only kind of expecting the ending!

From a game design angle I really like that you give us the ability to swap camera perspectives; I'm not great at fixed angles! I like what's done during the ending sequence for the game with the angles you chose for our camera - extremely engaging! I can def see oldschool slasher vibes here. :)

The message I took away from this game really left an impression. Regardless of the intention, I think a lot of meaning can be added depending on who is playing; beyond just the cyclical ideas initially presented (work to pay to eat to work). Thanks for the game!

I like the overall mood and dialogue of this one a lot - honestly, the tree sequence where you have to fight kiiind of reminds me of the dungeony feeling I had when playing older LOZ games. What a fun time! I'm so intrigued by the world/lore of this game! The trees, the watchers, the guards. o: Super fun thanks for the game!

Love the art, a lot! I like the mixing sequences, it reminds me of some of my fav games (cooking mama comes to mind!). The slow progression of horror is quite fun. The highlight of the game for me is absolutely the art, I'm a big fan of the pixelated style and the body/grunky horror as the bodies.. fall apart? What a fun experience, thank you for the game!

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I think my fav part of this experience is the sound design; I love the discordant music, the effects that play during each spooky sequence, even the car related stuff is fun. I like the visuals as well - the body horror/rot here is REALLY haunting and spooky! Also, ew, maggots. X:

I like the game overall! The sequences and pacing were OK. I was expecting a little more from being stuck in the house; I think more of the cat and mouse dynamic teased with the garage door would have been great! As is, it's a fun short experience. :)

I like the atmosphere a lot. The tight, cramped corners really do a lot to instill a sense of fear as you round each one. The radio sequences are super fun, and honestly I would not mind if the game were longer, with more of them fading in and out as you try desperately to fix what you need to and get out - but this game does a lovely job of satisfying that want even as a short experience. I liked it a lot!

Played through the first chapter and to say I love it is an understatement. I am a big fan of the art direction, the voice acting is subtle but just enough of an oomph to let you set the tone and feeling of each character. The gameplay mechanics are fun; I love all of the different stats and that no character is "locked" into a single archetype (i.e. just DPS; they're all SO fun). I cannot wait to see what's coming up in the next chapters!

Thank you for the positive feedback on my cleaning skills! My dreams of being a cute little goblin cleaner are not dashed after all. <3

I really do love the game, thank you so much for making and sharing it! It's a lovely little experience!!

I like it so much. I can't tell if I'm just super terrible at cleaning or if I'm actually really good and they don't mind how well you do. I love the visuals, I love the pacing, I love the dialogue. The mechanics are SO fun. I really think you have a full game here if you revisited it in the future, as I did see this was for a jam. It's really lovely, good work!!

The comedy here is ok, not my favorite! I wish there was more dialogue and more quality control with the dialogue that we do have, I feel like the translation quality really brings down the overall gameplay feel. The assets are good and I like the general idea here! Not a bad experience at all :D

Your work looks amazing so far, thank you for sharing! Happy holidays and new year, I can't wait to see what's next - no matter how long it takes. <3 I hope the tabling, the con, and just day to day is going well and you are able to take time to rest!

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Teared up a bit at the end, the idea of suffering an eternity alone is harrowing. I enjoyed the visual and gameplay elements; it is definitely reminiscent of older point and click flash/escape house style games. I can see so much inspiration taken from the ye-olden days of the internet while still being general. I was a little worried there would be a screamer! I liked this a lot!

Enjoyed this quite a bit! I like the focus on mechanics, kiiind of reminds me of Typing of the Dead in regards to extremely unique gameplay mechanics. I feel the little bug/egg creatures could have shown up earlier, and perhaps more detail could have been given about the.. creepy gross flesh stuff? But this was still quite fun for a short game! And not too frustrating at all!

Played today! I think the game would benefit from having a more involved narrative, or perhaps no gun work and a feel of it being too dangerous to keep looking around. Or more about what the files are.. why they're so important. The game feels a little unfinished, but it has all the wrappings of an interesting game.

I am lovingly awaiting another game next year. There is nothing about this game not to love; the narration, the art work, the fonts and various assets throughout. The soft snow movement is so lovely, I want to make snowmen and roll around. I love this little penguin!

Lovely game! Big fan of the dialogue and characters. I'm 1/2 way through dead plate and am loving that, too. It feels like you can't miss! I esp love the twist on the general premise, and that you poke fun at the trope. The art is lovely, alongside the unexpected 3d-meets-2d visuals!

My fav part is borgir. JK, it's actually the reindeer - how cute! I would have liked more story/lore surrounding the brother.. and what was going on, during the game itself rather than the ending text. Overall a fun experience, I enjoyed decorating!

This definitely appears to be a great improvement from your previous game. I really enjoyed the decoration and interaction with random elements of the environment; it tells a lot of story and adds a lot of character to the game without being overbearing. I might have even liked more! The overall ambiance of the camcorder section was done well, I agree with Live below - I'd love to see that expanded into a longer experience.