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this was so adorable, oml
love it

can someone send me a link to the letter?  its one of those things i want to listen to over and over again without having to play through the game

i actually really like both Lila and Loralie (google autocorrects this to Lorelia which i also love), but i feel like deciding would ruin the fun ;>

    name her <3

finished and loved it!  i love puzzle games and wow that one was hard, good job!

nevermind i found it

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do you know where i could find these?

ive got a paper hint on toilet roll that has a castle first but i cant find it :/

stuck on the spiral and the metal box, any hints?

Great game! dungeon crawlers are awesome tbh :>

- SaltyLemon

On the third dayshift at the bar the game stops. I've played twice and both times this has happened.  Am I doing something wrong?   (I'm on chromebook btw, so I'm on the web version)

No thanks :D

wait you realise the game talks about her eating the mc out and fondling her?   i wonder how far in the game you actually got  >>


im having a stroke tying to read this and i still dont get your point.

got pissed off a lil, sorry :D
but seriously, nobody has time for someone with outdated opinions

just a fun thing to do at the end of the game :D(yes i know i died a lot of times)

why thank you kind Cinnamon Bun :}

Valentine <3

im not sure , but i think you need varied responses to the personality test. However it works, it involves a ditto so answer randomly and you might get lucky.

Maybe get someone to straighten out the dialog, it's really formal and stiff. I'd say get someone from the countries you're aiming for (like for English someone from England or for Spanish someone from Spain ect) and in most cases you wouldn't need to pay anyway, most people would be glad to help out on a game even if it's just translation. If you need help finding people just contact me and I can hook you up with someone.

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i think its a weird hentai-ish game. Though i get the ddlc vibes, like if Mimi went heywire too.

if you go back onto the menu and go onto 'web' games and scroll you should find it and it'll automatically play as a browser game :D

not gonna lie reading all the clashing opinions then seeing this made my day. like when there's screaming around you and this one lil kid tugs on your shirt and goes 'hi :3'  tysm for this

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ye but i get the point, like if you're into girls double would be great ig (i'm a gay woman so idk going from a logical standpoint)


i tried to play this, but once i clicked the stats screen i can't get back in game. even closing the tab and pulling it up again, it still stays on the same screen.

the secret ending surprised me, but honestly it was an amazing game