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Thank you! I'm  glad you liked it :D

I'm  glad you like the boys \o/

The game was so well put together and had so much contents i wouldn't  expect this to have been done in 10 days! The story is nicely presented with unique ways to introduce  bits  and pieces of the case, great work!

I admit that I'm  bad at playing detective and made several wrong arrests though haha.

There was an error caused by chrome update that affected some of my old web build. I will be updating  and replacing them when I have time!

The game was presented nicely with really nice UI. The plot was simple but interesting, and the voice acting was very effective. Poor mc being  given such difficult  choices though.

this game had me on the edge of my seat the whole time, the narrative  was quite gripping . I had a difficult  time getting the second ending but it was worth it. Very interesting game!

Thank you Check! i was late to the jam but just have to try and finish it because  i thought this idea was just perfect for the theme haha.

Love the use of colors in your  game, they are so bright and blending well together. The characters  looks very unique  and you did a lot of CG in such  a short time. 

BUT it's so sad why are you doing this T_T. The contrast  between  the color and the sinking feeling  of something  being wrong did me number here.

This game was great. For a 10 days jam, there were a lot of effort  put in, and the simple art style did a great job to present the uneasy atmosphere in the story! The reveal at the end was unexpected  and cut away so abruptly that i keep thinking about it after it ended.

Omg thank you!! I can totally see Elias doing that xD

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the game !

Thank you, John will never change haha.

Thank you, I’m  glad you liked the game!

Thank you >w<

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Thank you ^^

Glad you liked it! You might want to check out my other game "Is it Haunted?", you might see some familiar  faces from this game there :D

No, it's  a sfw game.

Thank you! I don't have IG unfortunately, but I'm  thinking about making one. I will link it to my page when I do.

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the game! I tried hard to make it fun no matter  it being bad ends or good ends xD. 

The amount of CGs actually bloated because  scope  change; though they didn't  take nearly 1/10 the time  it took writing  the script, I'm slow ;_;

Lena wasn't  meant to be likeable. I tried explain her motivation a bit in her good ending, but if MC went through any bad endings before getting to her good end, I doubt he would find staying with her a good idea xD.

In the original  plan, Jin wasn't  supposed  to be that devoted, but I guess my BL brain just can't  help but write him like that. You could consider Ending 5 a Jin ending . I wanted it to end with Jin comforting MC that he did the right thing, but realized the state he was in at the end doesn't quite allow that haha. 

Thank you! The plot admittedly  wasn't much considering the short length, but I tried delivering the story as effective  as possible. Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the game! I would love to bring John back as side characters in my other games, he is fun to write.

Glad you enjoyed the game. You can get 1st ending by making every choices that would please Lena, following all her whim.

Thank you :)

Thank you! I hope it was a nice surprise for those played the other game!

Unfortunately per game jam rules, I need to make a web version created from the Spinoff  game engine, which might be incompatible with the itch app.  There's  currently no download  version due to game engine limitation. Maybe someday I will recreate the game in Renpy if I have time...

Hope you you enjoyed it :D

Thank you ^^

Thank you :>

Don't  pick up the call and agree with Mary ( while avoid getting enough points for other endings)

Thank you! I'm  happy you enjoyed the game!

You can get the ending by picking  all choices that make Lena angry at both Mary and Jin. It's  the hardest ending and might take a few tries.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! You actually  got some of the hardest endings already, so I think it wouldn't  be difficult  for you to eventually  get the other endings :D

Without  ending 2, it won't  feel completed xD

The full game is now released here!

Hi, thank you for commenting. It's good to know that those new features  are being implemented, it would help creating in Spinoff much easier. Look forward to it :)

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you for being interested. The game is still being developed with all art and 85% of the script  done. I'm still actively  developing it in hope of getting the game out by November. 

Thank you!