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pretty proud of this run 

Yeah, once you adjust your input settings to have infinite buffer, it's so much easier. The new default settings are really bad for this level, I think.

EAT GIRL community · Created a new topic "Slingshot"

I really love this game and I'm trying to do all the secret levels, but "slingshot" really escapes me. If the level wants me to do what I think it wants me to do (turning around corners really tightly in order to build up speed), then I don't think it's actually physically possible for me to do, since the timing window is so tight. I've thought about fiddling with some of the input settings to make things easier, but you can't do that from within a level for some reason, so that means I'll have to exit out and go through the whole ordeal of getting back to "slingshot". I really like the idea of the level, but I think extending the room you have to do the associated maneuver so you only have to perfectly get the turnaround once or twice instead what seems like a great number of times would make it less of a hassle to actually do. 

wish there was a version of this that didn't have a time limit on turns. ah well!

seconded for the request for some sort of visual marker to tell me what layer / block a star is on. i'm really enjoying the game, but trying to suss out various distances without a guide distracts from the best part of the game, which is trying to think in terms of trees. besides that, i'm really enjoying the game!

i really like the game, but the fact that you can't hit balls diagonally up and to the left is frustrating. i think it might be a bug?

i think the game would be better if it simply disallowed self-collisions instead of killing you for them. that particular rule from snake does not work well with the turn-based rouge-like format imo... all it does is instakill people who accidentally hit the wrong key on their keyboard