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Nice, thank you!

Sorry if you answered this already, but will you release the expansions that were in the crowdfundr? 

I saw someone post on the Solo RPG subreddit that they use this to run a Persona-like campaign. I tried going back to their comment to see if they gave any tips on how, I couldn't find it. Anyone have any advice or tips on how to go about this?

I just finished my first play through of this game and it’s so good! Writing a tragic love story was very touching and the prompts guided it well. At the end you have a very beautiful and sad story.

I just finished reading Manacled and this kind of cured the book hangover I had from it. If that gives you an idea on the vibe this game has.

Also, I would recommend not reading too far ahead in the prompts as you play so it can be a surprise.

I'm relatively new to solo journaling games and this is the first one I played that used the Tarot. This game was pretty cool and definitely has a lot of replay value. Going into it I wasn't sure how much each prompt should reveal, but once I just let go I fell into a pretty cool character (that ended up being spy x family inspired.)

I’ve heard about solo ttrpgs before, but was always on the fence. Through various YouTube videos and tik toks, I was finally convinced to try this game and it’s so good! 

It was fun to roll for prompts and realize I could expand upon leads I didn’t even know I left in past memories. This was such an awesome game and I’m very thankful there are community copies available to try it out.

I highly recommend for anyone considering jumping into solo journaling games.