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Aiden Romand - Sainka

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Great and heartwarming analysis <3

Thanks for this second magazine ! As great as the first one !!! Loved the parts on Zelda botw and The Last of Us Part II ^^

Loved your complete analysis, it helped me feel better with not always being strong enough in games (although im still on the journey of accepting it !)

Very touching story and well written !!!

Absolutely loved it !!!! The queer representation, the friendly bird people, the very original graphics !!! It was clearly an heartwarming adventure, thank you so much <3333

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I loved the game and the scenario, i was captivated !! The music sets an oppressive ambiance, it was really well done ^^ I had a great time thanks !!!

Nice comics !!! I absolutely loved the colors and the chara designs :)

I loved the artpieces and the text is so poetic ! Thank you for making it and sharing it, it's inspiring ^^

Really liked how the story turned out !!! Thank you for this comic ^^

Typing this comment using Sound Typist :)
I love it so much !!! The sounds are very satisfiying and some are hilarious xD (i love the cheering and clapping ones)
Thank you for this app :DD