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Took time to play your title and I highly enjoyed myself with it. Although a strange call back to Army Men: Sarges Heroes ( Assuming it is a call back ).

Senioritis community · Created a new topic Quick Gameplay

Simply recorded my experience with this title, nothing horrid mind you of course simply viewing the outsider playing this of course simply hope you enjoy it.

Loose of course on this but I do recall playing this and leaving my feed on it as it was a fan and creative title with rather superb artwork for the presentation that is note worthy and a wonderful atmospheric musical tone of course.

I'm more then willing to attempt future tries of this title of course but as of currently my bullet hell skills is subpar and as a result of such, I am not in the level of caliber I'd prefer to be in these stakes of course. Regardless, I did have fun with the last time I attempted this title, albeit annoyed due to my lack of bullet hell experience of course.

While I didn't get far on ahead, I will state that your game is of course a fun adventure and you do have a concrete idea of the realm you wish to present in this title. The Spanish through I for a loop but it wasn't complicated to read through the lines and still pressed onward.

Nice attention to detail, while the color limitations are board line even I do not see it becoming a focus point of problems to come and because of such there is room for more neon like coloring to be placed. Simply put; your choice in color selection is genius.

I do plan to return when a far more complete build is made of course, until then I will continue to get farther in this demo then before hand.