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I have to give you a second thank you
because after several months
you helped me figure out where this one bug was that I've been losing my mind over since the jam happened 
huge thank you for that

I'm so glad you liked it! I'll try and go back to fix all of those visual bugs as soon as I can but I'm glad you enjoyed it and I'm so excited that you liked it enough to stream it! Thank you so much

To get the big work order you need to have all of the other information filled out 

oh! you use the arms effect to push the pawn up in one of the changing rooms all the way up to the wall in the back!
sorry for wording it weird!

Thank you so much!!!

As for the size its about what I wanted for the games, nothing too big but just enough to explore for a while

If you're mentioning the backroom for the ending its connected to Sewas living room, second door from the left on the bottom!

oop!!! Thought I got that, thank you for telling me!

Thank you so much!!! The game is getting updated in the DDJ6 and hopefully it'll be totally complete! I'll also make sure to get rid of all those bugs that were in the last update

if the exe file on the itch page isn't working scroll down and there's a mediafire link of a zip file for the game

Don't worry Knock Knock isn't dead, she regenerates so she's totally fine!

THANK YOU!! And so sorry about not updating the walkthrough that's my bad
and absolutely please feel free to dm me the bugs on twitter so I can fix them! thank you so much!!

I've added a mediafire link with the zip file, hope that helps! :D

Apologies but it won't be, I don't exactly know how to make games for android just yet

Make sure she's had an A+ day the day before you try, or else that animation won't show up

Don't worry, just wait a few more times for her to go off screen, if she's doing a different idle animation just reset her and you should be able to get it pretty easy!

Oh I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! Thank you so much for playing it!

Okay I am super duper sorry, I have no idea what's causing that bug I honestly can't figure out what it is or how to replicate it on my end so I'm really sorry! Not sure how to fix it in the slightest

that would be lovely if you could, I'll test it tomorrow as well to try and solve the issue

yes there is, once you collect all the information there's an ending

How exactly is it crashing? I haven't seen this bug so I would like to know so I can fix it

Im not sure, all I can think of us make sure you have the vx ace version of rtp installed and reinstall the game

Sorry about that

Sadly there's no full-screen button or way to change the size. Rpg maker vx ace is just stuck at that size

There's a few moments where it may spook you but nothing like a full jumpscare 

oh you can absolutely translate the demo into Vietnamese go ahead!!
and hopefully I can, this year has had a few bumps in the way of game progress unfortunately 

oh thank you!! that ladder there has been giving me so much trouble
I'll be sure to fix it asap thank you so much
and so glad you enjoyed the update!!!


Yes it has been moved! So sorry I haven't updated the walkthrough yet.

If you're lost check around the sewer area for one of the backrooms, that's where the new water connection is.

Apologies for any inconveniences.

And for finding the second friend you'll have to kill the big wiggly man in the smoke world to find the maws and from there you'll be able to continue on to find some of the other new worlds and find the other friend. 



Thank you so much!!! And yes it does have my own art in it, thank you for the support even if you weren't able to play it!

I also enjoyed getting to play your submission!!!

The font used in the images is Verdana.

Oh absolutely!!!!! And I'm so glad you liked it!!! Thank you so much!!!

I've just looking it up and apparently this is a slightly common issue with VX ace, someone kindly posted a link to a download of the vl gothic font.

Hopefully this will help!

I can't tell you how happy your video made me, the fact I got to watch you figure out all the parts of the game. It was exactly how I hoped people would react and feel as they played it!!!
(small notes, if you talk to my little sprite in the dev room after the initial conversation you can see a bunch of the concept art, and there's now a walkthrough so you can check and see if there's anything you missed! you honestly did a great job finding most everything though!!! )

Progress is slow but moving! I'm currently ironing out all the details on paper first so I can transfer them later, I'm so glad you two liked it!!!!!


YEAH!!! Go ahead that'd be really cool!!

Sure!!! There will hopefully be an update within the next few months as well so stay on the lookout!!

thank u!!!!!!!!

thank u!!!!!!!