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Thanks for the replay! I recently replayed the game myself, to test the most recent build, and I had fun with it. I'm glad it still holds up for you too.

Thanks for playing! A lot of people like Boss, myself included. 

As for tagging, you are not the first player to mention this. Several of my games have LGBT characters but I never thought of them as being LGBT games per se, so I never used the tags. 

Thank you for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the comment and playing the game, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Chaining bounce-on-space-plants platformer with wonderful pixel art and relaxing music. Came for the space plants, stayed for the bouncing. 

Really enjoyable Asteroids-like with upgrades, unlockable goals, and great music. Addictive and works well as a just-one-more or for playing in short sessions here and there. Thanks for this!

I enjoyed this! It has an old-school arcade feel and I appreciated the lack of an antagonist. Also, the bug screams are A+

As someone who occasionally plays Starbound just to grow alien plants, I really enjoyed this. It took me a second to figure out the controller keymapping and adding a note about blue plants = energy in-game would be useful, but this is a great small farming simulator with good pacing. Thank you for sharing this.

Hey, I just wanted to give a head's up that Space Marines VS Dragons color version is currently listed as a demo. I love your tables, can't wait to try Season 2! 

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If you are able to add the Russian strings to the translation files and provide a link, I'll incorporate those files and handle any bugs/issues that arise. It's been a while since we added the last translation and it's hard for me to guess what the issue is without the files and a traceback.

I welcome translations of my games, thank you for doing that. I have added translation files to the download page. If you are willing to transfer your translation to those files I can add it to the official version of the game and list your team in the credits. Let me know if interested.

Thank you for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm happy people are still discovering this one. I had tipping enabled for a while but I ended up removing the option about a year ago. It's a complex issue for me, but the short version is I find comments and recommendations from players more rewarding. I appreciate you reaching out to me about it, however.

But your dedication is admirable.

Very admirable.

Thank you for playing!