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Does it feel good commenting like you're on Reddit or Discord. I don't think I'm the special one here.

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The video show the room setting up its own game from your gaurden. Not you spending 5 minute making a second gaurden in the game for the gimmick to work. Actually have the game make it self around you with out any set up. Make the set up option or don't not show it. The games them self aren't that fun. I was very annoyed using this app and it should never be on the oculus store in this state. I've beta teased many game an had early accuse to the top seller the the oculus platform. This need worked on.

Everything just seemed simple in the video showed off. The game builds around your house and you start playing.

Make the magic real. This just makes me mad.

Boo woo

Thank, I was able to edit my spelling error in a post I can't see anymore. Awesome. :)

Add flying cars, like driving.

Add npc dialog.

Add a Quest.

There you made a game and not a world viewer.

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I really enjoyed the app and I played it a lot. :D

  I was wondering if I could get a steam key to show the game to my friends easier. I want to put the game up on the up screen.


It was fun go play around in. I couldn't get past the stone dude part. I hope the game becomes easier. I'm 21.

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Please make this vr and I'll be happy.

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You would need to be a special type of stupid to not see this as propaganda. The game is so poor that the complaints are that's it's actually racist. I think this is something evil rich racist people at the top want for us.

The dev didn't delete you shitting on him. Lolz. He goes with the masses. The dev is pro segregation for blacks. When I call him out on this he deleted my thread. He's a racist. You wouldn't have wanted to play his game. It wasn't even fun. It was just propaganda.

I bought this game on steam and it was boring.

It worked at first, but then never open past the game menu again.

It was beautiful.

Its Mario bros but communism.

Game was fun

Okay. I hope it gets uploaded soon. If you want you could email me a link to the latest version. I'm beta testing for many devs. I love to give feedback.

I didn't know visual novel were suppose to be so bad. This should be like text base Fallout but its not. It's more like chinese voting.

All the conversations are either played for you or predetermined.

3.6 build is awful. I know you're a solo dev and it's a beta. It need to have some goals or something to do. I ran around, saw every door said denied. I couldn't shoot anything. GIve a mission list at least. It's the coolest looking game in my BLM bundle. Also please add some vr support for oculus if you make the game good. It looks like it has great potential.

This made me lolz. BLM. PRIDE MONTH.

Please, add vr support


Please get Quest support. Game looks cool.