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A member registered Jul 24, 2017

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1. I had some issues with keybindings: setting pan up would reset pan down to default, while setting pan down would unbind pan up. Similarly, the same issue on pan left/pan right.

2. the boost key is hard to reach from the default keybindings, and it's not clear what key I need to rebind. I'm still not sure how to use it.

3. the message saying how many waves of enemies can be hard to read depending on the background, disappears quickly, and there doesn't appear to be a way to check it, after the message goes away.

4. when buying abilities, it doesn't show how many AP the abilities cost to use.

5. on the main menu, if there is only the auto-save/ one save slot used; load game is greyed out. This is slightly confusing 

6. The amount of customization involved for the lack of tactical difficulty is unbalanced. The amount of things to level up, acquire and purchase outpaces the tactical choices. related:

7. having an XP up zone on the turn wheel makes the gameplay worse: you end up always trying to finish off each enemy in that zone, as it's the only one to have any lasting effect. either replace it with something like 'CPU recovery up' or  'defense up' all together, or better, have a larger set of zone abilities, with only some showing up each battle (e.g. one battle might get 'hit % down', 'atk up', and 'loot up', another might get 'cpu recovery up', 'def up', 'cpu usage down'). This both permits the random encounters to have overall more variation, but the fixed encounters to have interesting choices.