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Wil there be adult themed elements in this VN ?

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It is widely known that sites like Patreon and are not a fan of these games, but most dev's keep using those websites...

SubscribeStar would welcome your business, like most are dev's are doing.  ;)

Very curious....

Played 0.2.3 and very much enjoy this VN. Curious how this evolves into act 3 and what females are going to join the harem.

Can you confirm the cost for part 6 wil be a one-time fee or wil you charge for every part from p6 onward.

v0.8.4 Public  is available  (since 12-01-2023) via other sources. Looks like the dev is not active here anymore.

For now i'm following this thread.

Aparently, to bad would love to give this a try.

Just noticed you are also on Steam, so i'll wait for a sale on that platform  ;)

Can you tell me more about the development schedule of this VN as its a demo ?

This story is free and is just awesome so take the time so you can make us one of the best VN's there is  ;)

I hate to say, but the Discord is gone as is his Patreon....
This had great potential, sorry to see it has been abandoned.

Guess the Elden Lady strook again....

It always amazes me to read the critics even though there is (slow) progress. Just a reminder that (slow) progress is way better then no progress  ;)

Keep up the good work Dev !

Awesome. +1 supporter  :)

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So is a Steam key included when i buy it here ?

Looks a lot like this game...

came across this Nov. 2021 video:

Alien Horizon by Nookrium

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Are you planning to bring this new game to Steam also ?

I've just finished the Steam edition and wanted to say that i very much enjoyed this journey with all its ups and downs. It was an awesome story. I'm very curious what your next project (?) will be.

Playing via Steam. Just wanted to let you know how much i like this VN/Game.

Awesome !

Fun story, to bad you lost almost all files. A follow-up would be nice.

Posted on his discord : "TL:DR, got a new job and couldn't work on game, will hopefully start working mid Feb and expect to finish next update in March!"

Reading the comments i feel dumb. I have no idea how to play the game. I click on stations but nothing hapens, so i would love to have some sort of tutorial. Also i have no option to make a save.

Lovely game, but negative points just for looking is just weird.