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Nice game :)

Nice game :)

Really enjoyed this :) Wishlisting!

Quite spooky. Nice short horror:)

Impressive for being 13! Very nice game.

Loved this!

Very nice!

YOU HAVE MY SUPPORT! This was SO fun! I love Fantoccio's song so much AND the voice actor!

Green Blob Dude was my favorite. lol I really enjoy this game!

Not bad, I like the multiple endings.

I really liked this one! Keep it up!

Nice jumpscares. Got me good when I just didn't notice it the first time.. lol 

I liked the jumpscares. Got me every time. lol 

So usually my channel is no commentary but I wanted to add some voice to this one for this game :) It's a bit awkward since I'm not used to it XD I like this game though! It was funny and fun :) Definitely want to play more and try to beat a story. lol

Well I can't even download it but I hope everything works out.

How do you reset the game? I wanted to restart the whole thing and I don't know how to do that, if you can.


Seeing her run towards me gave me a good scare. lol Well done :)

LOVED this!

Awesome game :) Spooky

Loved this!

I loved this! Actually scared me a bit here and there. lol Great work!

Ah I see. Interesting.

I really liked the voice acting of the guy in the end. He really sounded panicked and stressed out. May seem like a silly thing to enjoy I guess but I thought it was good voice acting.

I loved everything about this :) The playstation opening ws a hard hit of nostalgia. I might even play it all over again. lol 

One cup in this game wanted to be my sworn enemy XD

The ending got me giggling pretty good.. lol Was not expecting that at all XD

I gotta say I didn't expect it to go where it did. lol I enjoyed it :)

Loved playing the full game! 

Dancing dog was my favorite B) Also liked the secret ending XD

I got a floating killer one time XD 

I got a floating killer one time XD 

Another banger B) Loved it!

This was probably the most fun i've had with a game like this in a while. I really enjoyed this :) No annoying jumpscares or anything. I can't wait to play more from you!

I enjoyed him watching my every move by him breaking his neck. XD

This is part 2 but I think my favorite character is this baby bird chillin with me.

Nice and simple game

Got me good on both