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I. Am. So. Impressed.

Seriously, I've been with you guys since MDL and this game is fucking BEAUTIFUL. Gorgeous art, voice acting on POINT, MC is realistic and relatable and EACH route got to me. I fell in love with Devi and Harsi, Vald and Saji. ...For anyone on the fence about buying it, let me know and I'll buy it FOR YOU. It's just THAT GOOD. ♪

Keep it up, YPress. You guys make solid games and have a lovely thing going on with lots of love and support from us fans~

HNNFNNGNG. Updated Demo can't come fast enouuughhh~♪

1. Personally, I think your lens flare idea would work. I've also seen chibi faces of each character covering their naughty bits in other games...but that seems too .. whimsical for 1D.

2.YES. Y E S. I wear all black VERY TASTEFULLY, as do most of my friends. If I saw Rei forrealz he'd get mad props on rocking a turtleneck so damned well.


4. Ahh, man...I think I'm super stoked to see how Rei manipulates, grooms, and interacts with everyone. Also how he continues to hide his -cough- extracurricular activities?

KEEP IT UP!!!! ♪♪♪


KAY SO!!! Will the Steam release be at midnight exactly?!?!! 


Sounds good!! Again, well done! <3

As far as II'm aware, there's NO difference in the Audition scores. I've received the same fame and money regardless of if I got a four or five star rating. The only thing that changes is what the interviewer says about your performance, I think. :3

YO I AM SO HAPPY YOU GIRLS FINALLY RELEASED SEIYUU DANSHI!!! I shit you not, since the 4th, I've been playing SD for 10+ hours a day [ totally took paid vacation days lolololol ]. ANYWAY, congratulations and I'm super stoked to see most of the bugs worked out!

That being said, there's one thing I mentioned to you ~4-5 months ago that's still a bit bothersome. I know that we can't do anything other than dates on Sundays, which is totally fine, but I  think it's reasonable to say that the majority of players MAY want to spend parts of the LONGER holidays making cash, doing side-quests, going shopping for clothes /  furniture, taking extra VA classes, and so on.  Maybe something to consider in future patches if enough people share my opinion~

ASIDE FROM THAT SINGULAR COMPLAINT, everything is utterly --AMAZING--!!! As soon as the full game was released I downloaded and installed it, even started a whole new play-through [ made it up to November in the Beta release I had access to ], and I have to say that it runs FLAWLESSLY so far! The Stat system is beautiful; some auditions I can breeze right through, allowing me time to focus on raising my Charm / Affection / Intelligence. For other auditions, I have to HAUL ASS to take 3 VA classes, AND use my computer at home to bump up my Characterization / Technique until I make it -- and it is SATISFYING. AS. HELL. when I finally do the night before the Audition!

I would LOVE to give you guys a full, unbiased review in the future once it's voiced if you guys are open to that. FOR NOW THOUGH, I would like to offer to proof-read for you; I noticed a LOT of grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, weird word choices and so on. I'm currently doing the same thing for the Yaoi VN Beyond Eden, but I will GLADLY make time for Seiyuu Danshi since it's literally just been released. Anyway, if you're interested, please shoot me an email at [ you should still have my address, but just in case! ]

Again, WELL-FECKING-DONE and a fat CONGRATULATIONS on the release and its success so far!! You girls can only go higher and higher from here on out! ಥ ◡ ಥ


omg Hikaru's event where he's all 'You usually get here 10 minutes sooner,,' slfjmksdfgsuosf so cute


Just wanted to tell you girls what a brilliant game this is -- you've literally redefined the entire BL genre in my opinion. You've SO MANY PEOPLE out there cheering and rooting for you, and we all have your back!! Don't get discouraged and as impatient as some people are, work at your own pace!! 

There's so much to do and so much content in the beta, and those who don't want to wait can shell out an extra 15$ if they really want to!! We all know how hard you're working, and we know that all the time, effort, decisions and stress you've put into Seiyuu Danshi is to give us the best game possible!!

Keep your heads up and remember that everyone loves what you guys do!!


Hi, guys, quick question!

I just bought the Android version on itch, and it says that there's supposed to be a zip for both the .apk and .obb files. However, the download gave me ONLY the .apk, which I installed and such on my phone. The game is completely playable, but I don't get the 'R-18' splash screen; not sure if the android version differs from steam in that regard.

ANYWAY! Is JUST the .apk file good for the full-VA R-18 game, or do I need the .obb file as well? And, if the latter, would you mind throwing me a link or something to where I could find it? 

ಥ ◡ ಥ

Thanks so much and keep up the AMAZING WORK~❤

It will be 100% worth the wait~