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Just wanted to tell you girls what a brilliant game this is -- you've literally redefined the entire BL genre in my opinion. You've SO MANY PEOPLE out there cheering and rooting for you, and we all have your back!! Don't get discouraged and as impatient as some people are, work at your own pace!! 

There's so much to do and so much content in the beta, and those who don't want to wait can shell out an extra 15$ if they really want to!! We all know how hard you're working, and we know that all the time, effort, decisions and stress you've put into Seiyuu Danshi is to give us the best game possible!!

Keep your heads up and remember that everyone loves what you guys do!!


Hi, guys, quick question!

I just bought the Android version on itch, and it says that there's supposed to be a zip for both the .apk and .obb files. However, the download gave me ONLY the .apk, which I installed and such on my phone. The game is completely playable, but I don't get the 'R-18' splash screen; not sure if the android version differs from steam in that regard.

ANYWAY! Is JUST the .apk file good for the full-VA R-18 game, or do I need the .obb file as well? And, if the latter, would you mind throwing me a link or something to where I could find it? 

ಥ ◡ ಥ

Thanks so much and keep up the AMAZING WORK~❤

It will be 100% worth the wait~