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Good to hear, make sure those phantoms bring at least 20 pounds of C4 and 3 Catholic Priests. That whole building needs to be resanctified. In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti, Amen. Also, it's really cool that you featured my video, thanks.

Had a lot of fun with this one, probably not in the intended way, but oh well. I look forward to seeing more of this game when it gets further along in development.

This game was both really fun and really stressful. I brought one of my friends over and we played through both levels. There was one thing that I wish was a bit clearer though. For the computers where the pc player has to type in a command, It would be nice if the phone player was automatically given some sign of what the other player was doing. Staring at a line of text saying "commands must end with (); didn't tell me much. But we had fun, I even managed to glitch the monster into one of the meeting room doors in the first mission. I hope to see some more from this in the future.

I really like this game. It's a great mix of challenge and good fun. I was worried this might turn into a rage game, but it never goes to horrible levels of unfairness. Though you will die a lot.


That will be all, have a nice day.

This was an interesting game, a little confusing but I liked it. Though if I had to change something it'd be the size of the text on the phone. I had to get right up to the monitor to see what the messages said.

Why do I always wind up in some dark place with a spoopy monster after me! I hate these jobs, why can't I find a nice little office job where I can push buttons all day? Another nice little game by the way. I hope you continue to work on this, it was a little short. Also, your jumpscare was successfully defused by my safety hand.

Definitely, a nice game you've made here. The eye of Sauron thing hiding in the box was interesting. But, I had fun, mostly with chucking the baby down the stairs(I swear I'd make a good father).

Wow, I wasn't so sure about this game at the start, but it really hit in the feels at the end. Damn fine job!

Well, you are certainly welcome. Thank you for putting all the hard work into making the game.

This game was freaking PANIC INDUCING! My god, never has closing doors been so stressful. Damn good job on this one.

Well chief, he's dead sleeping.

Also, why are their boots on backwards?

This is a good little intro to My Beautiful Paper Smile. I haven't played that, but this game was definitely scary. I hate walking around at night!

Good game, but who the hell sleeps with their bedroom door open? Seriously? Only crazies do that!

Why can't maintenance keep the stupid lights on? I swear, and where do these baby things come from? Night security is getting weirder by the day. Good job with this though.

You know, I didn't really know how home-buying could get scary. Uncomfortable? Sure, but scary, I don't know. But this game gets real spooky real quick. Especially with the closet part. Great job with this game, my friend and I really enjoyed it(well as much as we could enjoy getting scared anyway).

THE SHADOW MAN! This game was interesting and incredibly difficult. I was paranoid the whole way through and that bulbscare got my friend and I way more than it should have.

This game was stupid scary, I really liked it, at least as far as the scare factor. But, interesting concept. I still don't know what was really happening, weird moon cult? Gas poisoning? The world may never know.

This game was super weird. It was interesting though. Wish it was a tad longer, felt like it ended before anything too freaky could happen. Good job anyway!

Interesting game, although it changed to being kinda funny part way through when it asked if my name was OWNER, computer's fault not the game's though. Good job.

Well, this game definitely had some spooks. The environmental effects were very interesting. Especially when the little bunny got speared to the corkboard(and then moved)! Good job with this game.

Good game! More interesting and sad than scary, but I really liked it anyway.

This game was very good! It got pretty unsettling when the guy parked out by the road. It was nice and simple and definitely got me feeling uneasy. Great job.

Another great game Nerdspartan. It's good to see Spectre-8 back and with a bit of upgraded kit as well. I really like all of the new mechanics you added plus the new types of enemies to fight. Those damn spear throwers are always getting me.

This game was really cool. I'm a sucker for anything reminiscent of the SCP foundation and this game definitely hit that. The simple controls made this game easy to understand and play and really allowed me to appreciate all of Spectre-8's dialogue. He definitely isn't getting paid enough for this shit.

Well, this game is way more fun than I imagined it would be. Also, curse you for those damn cardboard cutouts of the imposter.

I really like this game! It's really fun to play and the animations are super cool. Especially the weapon animations, those were my favorite, I say so in the video many times. Great job!

Thanks for the luck! I look forward to this game getting even bigger. And hopefully even more brutal.

I tried out the co-op for this game, gotta says It was really fun, my friend agrees. By the way at 22:10 in this video, we encountered some kind of bug where I got stuck in a promotion screen and couldn't get out.

Also, I cringe every time someone gets drop-kicked out a window. I love how this game is so simple yet so brutal.

This little music generator is really cool, I think I'll use this in some of my youtube videos if that's alright. 

I got some really cools sounds when I messed with the sliders a bit. Great job!