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Oh my god I'm playing right now and the messed up recorder My Heart Will Go On...I'm almost cry laughing right nkjnsdfhkbdsjfhkdsfjlkdsf this game is amazing!!!


Also I am desperately in my ace attorney phase rn and having the option to name the caterpillar Miles "Tails" Edgeworth is truly a sight to behold 

I am now finished and even more sad and gay than when i first started /j. this was the best like seriously I loved it!! To anyone reading this who hasn't played the game. You should. I know this comment is just me rambling but it's so good.

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I really love the game and the worldbuilding! I'm a little bit stuck right now..I kept getting Devlin's 3rd BE (trying for platonic route rn)... but I'm thinking maybe if I go to the completionist route I'll be able to figure something out. That's not really a setback though, I like how you added little features that can be unlocked by getting certain endings, so it's not necessarily the same sequence of events every single playthrough. Hopefully I'll be able to navigate this and continue the awesome story!!

Edit: oh my god I think I did it?? YEAH!!!!!

Hi your game is really cute! I just want to say I'm glad you included the black and white reading option even though it's a little gloomier than the nice pink my eyes just can't adjust to that color so I'm really thankful :)

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I love this game!! I'm writing this after only completing Sachiro's route so far, but it's been amazing! I'm so grateful for all the work you've done on this, and the fact that it's free is just wowza considering how much content is in this, thank you so much. I'm planning on completing all the other routes soon too...let's see how it goes lol I can't wait!

side note Lioji is the love of my life, he may not have a route but his existence is exquisite

god I love this so far!! It's awesome and the character designs are cool ashell. the only thing is that I can't seem to find a text log? sometimes I click too quickly and I lose what was said :((

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Vibrating because I definitely love the designs of hot sauce man and mayo boy the best haha...though sweets is a (no pun intended) sweetheart too!!! I'm super excited for what's to come!

EDIT: I'm also excited for whenever Hunter's route comes out because yeah that's gonna be interesting lol, he is endearing in his own special way.

OMG I love this game it's so cute!! also the fact that Christopher GODDAMN ESCALANTE voiced in this brought back So many memories of the time when I used to obsessively play seduce me lol