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How do I play it? There is no build available to download.

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It was so relaxed and chill. Then, out of the blue BANG...
I tried playing it one more time, picking different answers and hoping for another ending.
Still, enjoyed it. Nice one!

Very clever, beautiful and relaxing puzzle!

Exactly what you call "easy to learn but difficult to master". It reminds me some chess-based games. I had such fun and it was difficult to stop.
Keep going!

What caught my attention at first was the art. I usually don't like horror games but decided to give it a try. It looks interesting. The gameplay is pretty simple but it is not the main point. I enjoyed the game and now it's interesting for me to see what's next!

The same issue for me. Maybe, the archive is incompatible with itch desktop.

Like this gothic atmosphere.  A game really doesn't need much gameplay to be interesting!

Looks beautiful!
However, I think it could be nice to make cursor movement a little bit smoother. Now it jiggles like it moves a pixel at a time. It is noticeable in fullscreen.
Anyway, it's nice.