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Hey, loved your game! The graphics and colors were really well done - felt like I was on Mars :) It was easy to get lost though because everything looked the same. I thought enemies put up a good challenge without being too annoying, and the bosses were satisfying to defeat. Overall it was really well put together. Nice job!

Well, this is a pretty cute puzzle game :) I liked how the character made sounds as he walked, and I found his death animation hilarious. The blocks were a bit hard to move around - I got stuck on the level with the 4 block stack - but maybe that's just me being unskilled.

Great job!

Cool game! Loved the monster designs, especially the cthulhu guy :) It was a bit hard to see things against the floor texture though. I liked that the rooms got progressively harder as you kept going.

I couldn't figure out how to play - I pressed X which shot a beam but didn't do anything to the couples or the hall monitors. I assume you're supposed to get "scoops" on couples, but nothing happened when I went near them. Maybe add some simple instructions? I did like the cute art style and happy color scheme, so great job with that!

The music and fx were pretty good and definitely captured the gameboy feel well! I noticed some blurring with the graphics; not sure if they were imported like that or if unity aliased the textures. The shooting worked just fine and it was nice that the zombies followed you as you ran. It was a bit hard to play because you didn't have much room to move, and it seemed like the hitbox was actually larger than the character. Otherwise, great job! :)

Liked the concept! The music is catchy and the sfx is pretty cool, too, love the retro gameboy sound. Gameplay wise, I think I got confused at times because it wasn't clear where I could fly to - eg. the reachable area wasn't visible from where I was, so I'd just fly randomly and hope I landed somewhere interesting. The idea has a lot of potential though!

I loved the characters, they were really well drawn and well written and really adorable! Their personalities could be exaggerated more to make them stand out, but it was nice that they talked like real people. Gameplay and UI are smooth. I agree with the others about lack of music. But overall, great job! I really enjoyed playing :)

Thank you so much, that's good to hear! If I do finish, I will let you know :)

GBJAM 5 community · Created a new topic Lamentations

Uhhh hope I'm allowed to post here after the fact ... but I made a game!

It's pretty much a visual novel / walking simulator. You switch between three characters. There's a lot of angst. I ran out of time and didn't add any visual indicators, so you'll have to guess where to walk.

If you check it out, I'd love any feedback! I'm thinking about making this a longer and more polished game, but wondering if I went overboard on the Shakespeare.