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I need more ;-;

Oh no it was shorter than I thought! I was laughing my ass off the whole time!!

Chapter 4? 

(visuals added just to continue the trend reginaBithyniae set like a year ago)

Aaaand Im in love

Hello! Im just starting this game and eh, here's a suggestion: how about adding grey to the eye color options? Im already feeling the ambiance!

I haven't been here for long and not actively following the progress, but boy am I glad to hear life is getting a bit easier for you! 

Additionally: Your work is incredible and I can't wait to play more! Some of those lines really hit home here. "You can't love someone without fully understanding them, and you can't fully understand someone without loving them."

Thanks for wrenching my soul

Woah. That was... vivid. I had to stop at the description of the choice for blue eyes. If thats not poetry I dont know what is.

Oh hi, hello. Im at the club now and tryina order some alcohol to spice up this trip. (as if it wasnt spicy enough already. Oh God, Arion why??? This is very unprofessional, though it's mostly on me) Back to the drinks: when I tried to order an old fashioned it gave me a mimosa. I tracked back and checked the others and prosecco gave me an old fashioned. (I hope Im not just fat fingering on my phone and throwing a racket for nothing. I did check it a few times tho!) Anyway, the other ones worked! Back to clubbing!

Your friendly neighborhood sadboi reporting again. I believe the yellow text is supposed to say "pairing" and not "oairing" in chapter 6 when you are supposed to pick your date for the club?

Aaand it's me again! Still at chapter 5. Left the info at the bottom row again. "...thought nothing of it VAT the time." I swear I wouldn't be commenting these but skimming through the comments you seem like someone who cares about their game being  clear of any typos and such.

Im still in the middle of playing chapter 5 but found something I should probably let you know of before I forget. There, on the bottom row. "$bthey$b_s" Just missing a space I take it? :D