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This game is awesome.... I scream a lot of times jajaja GREAT WORK.... I leave a gameplay of the game (is in spanish 馃榿)

I loved the game and I look forward to the new update hehe I leave the gameplay that I make (it is in Spanish)

yes, that is the reason.


Incredible game, it literally left me speechless haha the part that gave me the most problems was the snake at the end, for me a 10/10, I leave a gameplay (it's in Spanish hehe)

I LOVED the game, it made me remember the terror of playing those horror games in those days ... only I couldn't complete it, for some reason I didn't find more than 4 pages in 5 games that I played ... probably a bug? ? but the atmosphere immerses you in that terror that we love as lovers of this type of games .. for me 10/10 ... I leave the video of the gameplay that I realize hehe is in Spanish 馃榿馃憢鉁

jaja I loved the easter eggs although I did not understand what the crab and the lemonade mean .. about the mask hehe I did understand it ... this game does not stop surprising me, I look forward to the new update .. I leave a gameplay where I leave the Easter eggs and some animations that I had not seen in case someone wants to see it (this in Spanish with subtitles hehe greetings)

Hello, I have a doubt .. the character we control is a man or a woman lol I ask it since in the Spanish translation when we die it says (you are dead in feminine) and if you could I would like to know who is the boy whose head at the beginning of the game, it is that it has me intrigued .. greetings

Thanks for the update 2.0.1, Solve the bugs of the 2.0 now the game is more passable and even more stressful since the SAIKO walks that it is not decided whether to be friendly or murderous haha I love your game hehe I leave a gameplay in SPANISH......  THE ONLY


every time it improves more and more, hehe add a basement haha this update shows what this game is becoming in the style of five nights ats freddys and yandere my case my new favorite horror game, just an observation, no I know if it will be my pc but the walking animation looked better in 1.9 and currently there is no way to leave it behind haha it reached me ... but I will continue this game until the end, congratulations to the creators for such an excellent job ... the gameplay that I made, where I show the two endings (it is in Spanish) GREETINGS

My God, this game ... I can't believe it only took 10 DAYS, it almost gave me a heart attack the part where the ghost appears hahaha I loved it .. I leave this gameplay where you see my suffering (it's in Spanish hehe)

I LOVE ... this update added that something that was missing and improved the artificial intelligence a lot ... I only found a bug ... when I'm turning on the switch and she catches you and at that moment you walk backwards immediately she takes you out of the map haha in the video you can see hehe greetings (this in Spanish hehe)

I loved the secret that they put haha when I played it again I found it ... although I prefer the first person, adding 3rd person was great, Here is the video in case someone wants to see it

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My God, this game, on several occasions I wanted to quit because of the stress it caused me, but it was an incredible and terrifying experience 100% recommended ... I only have one question ... why the eyes in the closet near where do you get the flashlight? hahaha I left this gameplay that I realized hehe I loved playing this (it's in Spanish)

Oh my god, this game was very good ... I loved the sounds and the story ... just one detail, the ghost that appears levitating hehe I took away my fear a bit but in general excellent game. I leave a gameplay that I realize hehe is in Spanish

I loved it and it was difficult for me to finish it since it gave me a very bad feeling haha, I only saw one detail, on the stairs when you stay in the middle it does not keep going up, outside of that everything works perfectly. I leave a small video of the game (it is in Spanish) hehe greetings.


have never liked yandere simulator games but I loved this one, from the design of the enemy to artificial intelligence, you can see the quality and the time and love that the developers put it, in my humble opinion a masterpiece, I leave the video that I realized of this great video game hehe with a little humor (the gameplay is in Spanish) GREETINGS.

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This game feels fresh, I love the artificial intelligence and the design in general ... TOTALLY worth every penny .. I leave this little gameplay (in Spanish) for those who want to see what the game is about .. but honestly they don't go away to regret downloading it hehe greetings<a href=""></a>

Although the setting was short it was excellent hehe I did a live show with this game at the end and the audience left it with more wishes, they even asked me to play it again to see if there were secrets or something, in short a great video game less 5 minutes, (the game is in the minute 58:30 in spanish.. jeje 馃榿)

I loved the way the baby looked at me it was traumatizing haha I did a live show with this game and the audience loved it ... please continue to hold this excellent work (the gameplay is in spanish, the game is in the minute 33:51)馃榿

I loved it, the story was another level, it left me wanting more and I look forward to the full game .. just excellent :) (the gameplay is in spanish jaja)

I loved this game ... of course it lacks a little more terror, but the mechanics with the needle and the small puzzles give it that touch that many games today lack ... I would say that they made the game a little more dangerous monster but for the rest I loved it ... I leave a small gameplay that I make on my channel and when it comes out I will play it 100% sure .. keep it up :) (jaja the gameplay is in spanish xD)