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Nice little game, enjoyed it!

Interesting game, enjoyed it!

Interesting game

Interesting game, enjoyed it!

Great,short horror game!

Enjoyed it, nice work! Got both endings

To be honest, I think this is a great game, sadly a very short one

I love your game, great puzzles and a nice touching story..

Game is great, enjoyed it!!

Great game, loved the music! :)

Great game, loved it!

Great short horror game, enjoyed it!

Interesting game, had fun!

Oh my, this is so crazy I loved it :D

Short and great!

Great game, enjoyed it!

Enjoyed it!

This was fun

Great game with nice puzzles!!Enjoyed it!

Great card game, one of the best I ever played!!

Enjoyed it!

Great game with an eerie atmosphere.Loved it!

I must say, your games are awesome! Today I played The Book, and  What happened at the farm, and had so much fun!! so basically I played all of your games :) You create really creepy ones, please don't stop :)

I just loved it, especially the music!! :) It was fun

This is a good game with beautiful graphics and an eerie atmosphere indeed...but.....Developers should create the sounds and music to their games, that makes it unique..

Loved it!!! You can sense the eerie Lovecraftian atmosphere...

Great story!! Short and great!!

Wow, loved it!! Beautiful and fun game!

Nice game, enjoyed it!

I decided to try your game again, because I heard that when you change your language in the settings menu to french it could work...and it worked!! The 1 and 2 are working, and I'm so glad!! Your game is awesome I really hope you will finish it entirely!! :)

Poor puppy :(, otherwise interesting game

It's an interesting game, I understand you wanted to create something that is unique, but unfortunately this game is not healthy for your eyes..

Great game, enjoyed it!!

Nice game,enjoyable and creepy! Great work!

Oh my!! This is so entertaining, I just loved it!! The voice acting is terrible and funny at the same time! :)

Great game, sadly it is too short!!

Dark and creepy game. loved it!

This was an interesting game, enjoyed it!

Great game, loved it!

Interesting game, liked it!