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Nice game, enjoyed it!!

Loved the game!

Nice game with great puzzles! Loved it!

Creepy game, Loved it! Got all 3 endings.

An interesting one

Strange game, with an eerie and dark atmosphere. Loved it!!

Interesting game, sadly it is short

Enjoyable game, loved it!

Interesting game

Nice game, enjoyed it!

The puzzles and the art are great! Amazing game and I just loved it!

Great, creepy game! Nice work!

A weird and creepy game. Liked it!

Interesting game, enjoyed it!

Nice little game.

Loved the game, sadly it is short.

Creepy game, loved it!

Interesting little game!

Enjoyable, little game. Nice work!

Interesting game

A creepy game indeed. Loved it!

Nice game, played it when it was free.

Nice game, enjoyed it!

A sad game...Try to be strong, you are not alone..

Loved the game, great work!!

Interesting game

Interesting game, enjoyed it!

Interesting game, loved it!

Interesting, little game.

Loved the game, nice work!

Nice, creepy game.

Great game, loved it!

A fun little short game

interesting game

It was a little hard, but I managed to survive :) Nice and an enjoyable game! Here is my playthrough:

Interesting game

Nice horror game with a creepy atmosphere!! Enjoyed it very much!

I just loved it. Great work!!

Nice game, had fun playing it!