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Thanks for this video :)
That's my bad if that was too difficult, it means I couldn't explain the mechanics properly!

yeah, in the alpha version x)

Please teach me! people keep reporting me that but I cannot reproduce it so it's really hard to fix :'(

Already hotfixed :) don't expect anything special hahaha

Oh nevermind, don't bother going for the book. Due to recent changes in the physics you can't reach that place anymore :x

Will fix that asap

Hey thanks for playing this far!
That is the last level and it is here as a placeholder... so there's nothing to see anyway, except for one last book to the right of that map.
Your progress is saved, you can always refresh and continue :)
I'm gonna add the respawn button (along with the reworked maps and new mechanics) in the next patch

Thanks again for the feedback, I've just made some levels a little bit easier :)
I won't implement checkpoints for tiny maps like those tho, otherwise the players wouldn't get punished at all

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it's not an obvious mechanic, I know, but you can dash into balls to get bounced away, I've explained it poorly in that tutorial book... thanks for playing anyway :)