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A member registered Dec 06, 2017

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i dont even know where to begin when i try to talk about how amazing this game is. its fantastic. this game really made me feel something. i usually dont get easily moved to tears from games, but  i did cry. i can easily relate to this game. i love a person, and that person helped me get through all the most difficult times in my life so far. i constantly worry about them dying. i understand what the women in the game feels, because i will feel exactly the same when they do end up passing away. i have experience with losing. my entire life i have only gained to lose. i cant tell you how indescribably happy i was when i saved her. it made me realize that ill be okay. i understand how difficult losing people are. i hope youre doing excillent if you have felt the emotions expressed in this game. i wish you the best at all times. <3

i was thinking the same thing lolol

This was a very excellent and well made game. It had its meme moments, and its serious moments, which I think is a perfect mixture- keep up the good work <333

No problem!! Good luck with the game <33

Hey! I absolutely loved the games you created! I've played almost all of them, the four games of this saga, first kiss at a spooky soiree, date treat, romance detective, and i was wondering if you're continuing making them! They're all really great games, and I hope you can continue! But if you can't continue making them, I can totally understand. Keep up the good work!! <33