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I like Anokolisa works a lot and I was a supporter on Patreon,

But none of new works never released for Patreon supporters so just stopped supporting on Patreon cause buying items one time fee are cheaper than Support on Patreon every month and buy them again here!💐💐

Still waiting 😁

still not there 😞

are these new pack available on Patreon too?

is it available to buy?!

I already support you on patreon for about 5-6 month‘s ❤️❤️

Perfect, I already search the whole web for some cyberpunk or simply city theme never found :(

do you have any plan to draw a pixel art city street? 

awesome 🤗

and what about license?


Thanks a lot 🤗

I like those backgrounds!

Is it possible to buy them too?!

Juice FX community · Created a new topic Tutorials
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Is there any tutorial for this software?
As example I looking to change explosion effect in presets but cannot find anything on the net.

or that tree in wind in preview have no Idea how to make it!

or that rainbow Gradiant in preview!!

Or even that Flag?! I can apply wind effect but its not the same as you already have in preview!!!!

Thanks a lot and have a lovely day

which size is this? 128x128? 256x256?

Thanks a lot 🙏🏻

Its very nice :)

Are these available in high resolution?

Its very nice

Where Can I find anything about license?

Thanks you

Thank you

Its nice

Where can I found licenses terms?

What about license?

Awesome :)