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But it's also not an ordinary situation. Spencer isn't just some old man. He's no doubt seen many others from youth till death.  Don't base a fantasy entirely on standards of the mundane because it doesn't work.

Oh definitely! I'm glad it's an idea you'd consider regardless. Thanks for the reply!

Xevvy, I love this story so friggin much! Tai's route was my first and I like it so much I needed to take a little break before I start reading another route because I felt wrong just redoing things without Tai lol. Is there any possibility of some kind of like Epilogue? Where we see how things are going for MC and their romantic interest(s) later on and how they're doing? I'm excited for Lukas' path at some point too!

He could live long enough to see the kind of person he grew into and made a decision when Tai was well into adulthood to date him. It's not like Tai was ever setup to fall for the guy. 

All the more reason you should keep reading ;)