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Rose Prince

A member registered Nov 06, 2018

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Winrar is not safe to download for most window pcs. It can seriously screw with the computer and you'll have to reset everything to fix it. I had to learn that the hard way wen I tried it last time.

Correction, it black screens me whenever I try to play any of the levels now and it still makes zero sense

I can get through the cutscene in level three, but once it fades out to go to gameplay, it gets stuck on the black screen and won't move. It does the same thing in the web version of the game too and I don't understand why-

That would be a no, since apk is Android specific and IOS is a different operating system

My computer can't connect to wifi, so I've just been downloading them on my phone and transferring the files, I don't think I can do that-


Hey, any chance for a regular .zip files? .rar files don't open on windows and thanks to flash going out, I can't play this. Also, maybe a mobile version?

I keep getting the message that says "Windows cannot open the folder" and it says that it's invalid?

I would love to be able to play, but when I went to download, the download icon was the old internet explorer icon, and any file that I download with that never works.

Something is wrong with the game as I tried all three files and not a single one worked. It acted like it would, but then went to a pure black tab and did absolutely nothing. I forgot about it for a couple days and left all three tabs open. I just deleted all of them from my computer because even after being left open for days, it was still a black screened tab

Um, I tried to click on the newgrounds link, but it took me to discord and I know for a fact that I didn't click on the actual discord link.