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Thanks man, i really appreciate that!
Unfortunately as i said in that other comment, i have pretty much abandoned the project by now and my workspace is broken, so there will be no more updates most likely.

Sorry for the late reply, i'm glad you liked the game!
Though it is a nice idea, i won't be adding FP mode since i stopped development on the game quite some time ago, and the workspace seems to be broken :/

Just popping in to say that sadly the game seems buggy af.
However, you managed to create a truly unique and creepy art style with simple means, and i like that a lot!

Very nice concept!

I think you could expand on that qute easily with more/better sounds and effects, some new dungeon modules, and for instance traps that can/need to be triggered by throwing things on pressure plates and so on...

Cute game, i like the style!

The controls seem a little unresponsive sometimes, as if my mouse clicks don't register.
Maybe also make it so that when the player is halfway done moving to another tile the game accepts the next input and executes it right after the current move.