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Recently played the latest Demo and here'll be my two cents.

Gameplay is really, really fun. On hard mode it's a mix of fun and challenging; as for easy and normal, I never got to try them so I don't know how easy/hard they really are. I like the airships that appeared in the second scenario, and the design reminds me of Ace Combat 6's Agaion and Kottos/Gyges command cruisers. Their presence at first gave me some shock and awe, though I thought they were B-2s at first. Their HPs aren't too bad, just right in terms of their size. The appearance of large numbers of enemies in the last phases of scenario 1 and 2 may give newer players a bit of shock, but Ace Combat players will feel right at home dodging and weaving through enemies and missiles.

The semi-fictional way you named real aircraft kind of weirded me out at first, but then you probably need permission from aircraft companies to use their aircraft names in-game. This may be perhaps your opportunity to create fictional, albeit aerodynamically sound aircraft for the player to use in-game.

In terms of details, it's a big improvement compared to the last demo. Sharper textures all around and much better-looking nozzles (Love what you did with the Flanker's nozzles!). My one complaint is that while the ground textures look much better, they're in need of optimization. Whenever the camera looks down onto the ground, my FPS drops from 70-80+ to 40-50 fps (on a GTX 1060 and i7-6700HQ. 16GB RAM).

Overall, it's a great game with great graphics, though may need some optimization here and there. I'll give it a good 9/10.

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Simply amazing! As an avid fan of Ace Combat (since 2004) this brings back such beautiful memories, and I'm getting chills from just how beautiful this game goes. Sound design is well done (the BRRRRT from the cannon is just awesome, though the engine sound could use some work), graphics are beautiful (don't forget to add shock diamonds in the afterburners for better visuals), and runs pretty well, getting 70+fps average on maxed settings, though I wasn't paying attention to the counter that much :P (i7-6700HQ and GTX 1060). And that's all while it's in Alpha, astonishing! The Su-27 alone is already pretty awesome to fly, can't wait for your next update!

P.S. would be awesome if you bring an Ace Combat plane like the ADFX-02 :D