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hey guys, how you all doing?👀lmao

lol does anyone miss me?)))))))))

Maybe you have issues with your computer equipment.


I don't know what antivirus you have. Find your antivirus program and search in Google how to turn it off.


Dude, if the game contained a real virus, the game would be deleted and I would get banned. It's absolutely without viruses.

Download archive again, and turn off antivirus before unpacking.

Send here a screenshot with error message.




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You need to add sound files in "detention" sound folder (for example 15, 40, 77) and then go to "dolly.txt" in "inputValues" and edit "detention timers" line to 15,40,77

The timers will be set in that order, first 15, then 40, and finally 77

If sound file was not found, player will stuck in detention forever.

Try to find how to install .dll's correctly, maybe it needs an install instead of "move from folder to folder"

Big thanks for the reply))

And about corrupted answer - it should to turn back to normal, there was the glitch that leaves corrupted answer.

Good job) Replace "logo.png" with your image.

I will try to search the problem. But I can not promise what i can found the solution.

They will work, i don't changed basic assetpack structure.

Hah, okay😂 i didn't test that)) i will fix it.

Yes. Mouse wheel is still working.

Soon. I'm doing automatical mod loading now.

I said figuratively, maybe you need .dll files, windows update, additional applications or other sh!t.

This error can disappear with next update without reason.

This is random sh!t. It can compile with error or without error, and for one group of users all will work fine, for others it will run with error. This is not my issue, something wrong with your system. I can't help if i didn't deal with the error myself.

No, it's ok, I'll try to add automatically mod loading in list.

I just forgot to add that)))

Oh my god. Nobody didn't read "READ ME!" ? I wrote what possible to copy "default" folder and edit a copy, then change copy name by your own, and you can drop other assetpacks in "MSITUA/Assetpacks" and launch them by writing it's name in text box in assetpack load window (black windows that summons by pressing "folder" button in main menu).

Guys, are you really uploading a entire game with your mods? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I'm almost did moddable version. I added few "inputValues", fixes animations and item inventory textures.

I need to add more "inputValues", animations and randomize sounds.

This is strange thing, i can recompile same project, and next time it will work for you, but didn't work for others🙃

Version is unfinished, I'll do this in next update. Experimental version is working good, so i can continue working on it.

Good, Alex is seized baldi's school) next level will be granny, undertale, and finally bendy👌🙃👌

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Ok, I'll fix that. I will make a folders for animations in "textures" folder.

And i will change assetpack folder structure a little bit.

New gamebanana link (i think)

If it will be)) cause popularity of game somewhere in Bikini-Bottom on BOTTOM

That's cool and thank you, but page was scrapped, and we need people with their "mods" to recover that page. Is that how  ̶m̶a̶f̶i̶a̶  this works?

lol good timing👌

idk how gamebanana actually works but somebody created a page) Maybe post assetpacks here.

It's not fully moddable... it's just kinda reskin, like change textures and audio and share fun stuff you made to friends))) but i'll try to make inputValues thing to change some properties like animation speed, notebook amount, sprite size etc

Ok, i updated it. Idk if there is a glitch somewhere, because i have no time for deep bug-search now. If you found glitch, write it under *this* comment (reply).

And i added an eazy mode. To unlock it, play the game for few minutes.

I found some issues in ending like wrong sprites, no-collision walls and some transparent walls. In few minutes I'll update the game and "maybe" error will magically dissapear idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Today i fixing the issue with engine. Maybe i'll update the game tomorrow, and i see if error still exists. But if it not working, i don't know. Maybe your computer have some problems with UE games, because other people didn't have this error.