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Very cute game. Creative and simple. The pixel art is not bad is kind simple but complex at the same time. Not a bad game. I liked it. fun little time i spent here.


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I think what this game can best be describes as is a stroy tolder. The game it self is good, i loved the art style (in my opinon is what makes the game mostly scary), the game technically speaking has some flaws, BUT like u can clip throw the wall on grandsam room and r forced to restart the game. 

Other than that, the story that the games tells is creative.  I finish all 3 endings and all of then r good. Of course the third one is better, but i liked the other 2 also.  And the fact that the game changes after u finish the (i think) 1 ending is a very cleaver touch.

Over all, I had a good time playing it. Altough i has to restart after that bug I mentioned. 

I thought that "Trauma" was a horror game (cause of the name), but it turns out is more of the opposite of that. The history behind it is very deep and well thougt, I know people that have passed to similar experiences and i can tell this game is not going only relax them with the soundtrack or with the chalenge, but also is going to help them mentally.

This game is great, I was totally suprised, i thing maybe it coulded have more levels, but there was enought to like.

i kind liked the game. Is simple, and hard so I can play it without beeing bored. Continue the great games u have made :)

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one of the best games i ever played. Very creative, simple but tense. Love it :)

Great end btw 

Good job. The game was a very good art and soundtrack, but i think u could made the story more intriguing, and i think u could put more scary scenes only one was kind of boring.

it's tetris. 

Good game. It's original (never saw a game like this), I've play it over 20 min now and i'm not bored at all. :)

WOW. This game is very good. And only made in 3 days. Inpressive. Loved the makeground music, and the pixel art is very good. The idea is good, and the gameplay is funny.

Very interesting game. I loved the gameplay, hard (but not to hard), the grafics are very good and work very well with the theme, and the sound makes me feel that I'm in there going to the shourd.

Very good game, very enjoyable. I recommend it.

It's a funny game. I liked it

Let me tell you. This game is brilliant, very well done. Loved the pixel art really good. And the memories tell a very strong storie. Loved it

The only thing i dind't like was the fact that every time you used the hammer on rocks or the knive on grass, if u leaved the room or go to other space, the object resets, that's very annoying, every time I went to the swamp I had to rebreak the rocks.

In general, loved the game, very well done, after I played this I'm in peace. 

I nerver saw a game so creative like this one. Normally puzzle games are always the same, but this one is different. Loved the way how all the levels were made. This is a really puzzle game. Very good.

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This game is very chill. Helps me when I'm frustrated, the concept is easy to understand. The game isn't easy is acttualy a challenge (I probally SUCK to be honest) so after I played for more then 25 min now I'm not bored .

Good game.

Is chess, but a really good one. I SUCK so i lost but i really have to say that u acttualy work is this game.

The art is very nice, the AI is good and doesn't take to long to respond.

Very nice game.

Nice game, and idea that i didn't even though about, simple not confusing. And the gameplay is nice. But i got softlock and Idk how to reset.

Very nice game. 

The gameplay is good, but what really makes it good is the pixel art, a true artist. The only problem that i see is the dots that are on the snow, i know that is the shadow, but is also very creepy to the eyes, there must be a easy way to make shadows.

Nice game, I love the pixel art is very good, i love pinball and is rare to find a good game like this one is like 1 in 1 million.

Very very good.

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Is a good game, but I already saw this tipe of game to many times, but I like that someone is chasing you, it makes the game more interresing, and I also like the light system. The pixel art is not that good but i kid of like it, idk.

The game is not bad really. The idea is good, the gameplay is also good, but that art -_-

The pixel art is what i hate in the game, maybe if changing the art, the game could be way better.

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Didn't like the game. The gameplay is weird, theres not a back story or even a history at all. The only thing i like was the pixel art but even that is not easy to see what's happening. With that idea u could made a better game.


Dude wow. never played a game so simple and short that could tell such a story. Great art and music, and the ending it actually hit me hard. Continue the good work.


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ur welcome ;) 

continue with the great work.

Very funny game. although among us SUCKS, this game is super creative, very good gameplay, and the music is quite good. I wanna see more of ur work :)


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every thing in this game is perfect: art, storie, gameplay. It isn't those super scary games, but makes the player stressed, it really looks that i'm the girl and that i'm living the game. The sprites are brilliant, great job on the music and gameplay.


very creative game, very well made, and of course very tense. when i played i was acttualy nervous. And the end was very nice, and scary.

nice game 10/10

the idea is very good, makes the game scary, tense, and very nice to play.  is a simple game but acttualy is very good made.

nice game 10/10

the idea of the game is quite good, i like it. what i don't like is the 3d art, the monster is very fake, could at least be more scary, and the "jumpscare" is not that good. I like the game but i think i wil not play it ever again.

Pretty cool short horror game, scary, simple, and very tense. But i think that if we had a little of back history the game would be even better, cause i was a little confused. why am i turning the lights on and off all the time?

but is a cool game yh

it's hard, but when i finish the game i loved it. the ending could be better, but the game is very tense and very scary. is a good horror game.