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"You can't get one by ANY means"

You're wrong, to be honest. The dev is in a quandary. He's given away a bunch and can't keep doing that, but he also doesn't feel the game is worthy of charging for, yet. What makes you think a digital key is so hard to create more of, though?

Thanks for replying, Raithza. I'll just hold my tongue and wait anxiously for it to hit early access on Steam (or equivalent distribution hub)

Thank you for answering my questions in email, too. I wish more devs took the time to interact with their audience.

Oh, wow, you're sure friendly and helpful. Thanks, mister!

Do you even know how keys are made? He can make more and chooses either to not want more users in the beta, or doesn't want to bother with whatever he uses to create more keys. I guess being rude is just your natural reaction to everything?

Let me give you money for a key, Raithza. I want to play the new version and the free one is already the best free game I've played in longer than I can remember