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good game, but i hate the font, it is hard to read.. 

suggestion: add non pixel art font for easier readability

suggestion: popup takes too long to open, and the color for the description blocks is too similar to the background, need better color palette imo

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ok so you don't care at all about the users, that's disappointing to hear only just to save 5 seconds writing the script to zip builds separately, and has API to upload releases btw, so you could save even more time if you wanted, but i doubt you want, seems you are fine with bloatware (i wouldn't mind if it was 2x 250kb like tilekit i mentioned in other comment, but here it's electron.. but that itself is an other problem, let's stick to the 2x download size issue for now)

> It shouldn’t affect anyone, except for some extra 30mb to download, which is… well, not that much imho.


each 7zip is 50mb, so you waste 50mb shipping useless bloat

50mb for one user

let's say 100k people download your app

that's 5TB of bandwidth wasted, and it's 5TB of avoidable IO operation on people's SSDs

devs need to respect me and my PC

i don't care about me, i care about useless bandwidth usage, and useless disk operations

don't ship with waste, it's never a good idea, and gives bad impression about the software, when it's too big, it is a sign of incompetence or unnecessary bloat

there are the people who care: (250kb)

and the people who don't care:

ldtk: 100mb 7z (184mb for x64 unzipped)

why with both 32bit and 64bit in installer, this is not necessary

can you add a portable version for 64bit only?


one more suggestion:

add a tooltip info when i hover the skils in the skillbar with the mouse, i always forget what things do

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a great game!!

one suggestion: please add a click to move with the mouse and attacking too, with some sort of pathfinding, i prefer to play roguelikes this way

Tilekit community · Created a new topic Very nice tool!

This tool is really nice, and on top of that the UI is just sexy!

Can you share more about how you built the tool? language? UI framework?



why only qwerty keyboard? i can't play it


This tool is really nice, good work!

I have few issues that i thought would be nice to share:

- Application seems to be a bit blurry, maybe font issue ?

- Default Application Font isn't readable, please use default imgui one or have a more natural default one