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Adorable winter fairytale with a charming cast of characters. The art is so beautiful. I loved the animated sprites and CGs. I enjoyed the Lumi x Cethin romance a lot.

P.S. Reo is a great character, so... + 1 vote for Reo route, I guess XD

Such a precious retelling of Odysseus and Penelope's love story. Amazing visual novel with lovely artwork. The ducks and the duck puns were awesome.

Such a cute and sweet story! The characters are super adorable, so are their interactions. Reading this VN was a very enjoyable experience. I hope Saku and Chisato will continue making VNs and being best friends... or more ^^

Such a wonderful OST! Each music track is amazing and very atmospheric.

Merry Christmas! Please stay safe and take care.

I'll be looking forward to Takane's route next year.

Thank you very much for the reply! I'm looking forward to the first route and the full game!

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I apologise for bothering again.

There haven't been any updates on itchio for a while (and I couldn't find any recent mentions of "To Become A Tengu" at the developers' twitter accounts), so I was wondering if the first route was still planned to be released this year? Or did something happen and the project was put on hiatus?

Sorry again if what I wrote above sounded too impatient. I loved the demo so much I couldn't stop replaying it and I kept checking "To Become A Tengu"'s itchio page for new updates almost every day.

Writing a comment about Dragon Essence is not easy for me because I love this game so much, but it seems like I'm the only one who feels this way.

A forbidden romance between a human girl and a dragon boy. A heroine torn between her true feelings and her responsibilities. No matter what decision she makes it will come with a price.

This story is not for everyone. If you dislike sad and bittersweet endings, then Dragon Essence "can never be the tea you like" Ⓒ Ming Jie. Even though Chi An can have an ending with Ming Jie, Xu Wei or Tian Xi, she remains in love with Tian Zhao. 

"TIAN ZHAO! YOU'RE AN IDIOT! Whew... I feel better now." Ⓒ Chi An

This game feels like a spiritual successor to Toshikazu Kawaguchi's novel "Before Your Memory Fades" which I adore. Bittersweet yet heartwarming, sad yet hopeful. Very emotional and thought provoking.

P.S. The artwork is absolutely charming ^^

Cute, fluffy and funny. Bunny!

Cozy slice of life with a dash of fantasy and lots of sweet moments. Clena and Dhin's interactions were adorable, and Dhin and Land's banter was hilarious. My favourite part of the game was the play the characters performed in the last chapter.

Yes, that answers my question. Thank you for the reply!

This game contains:

- a cute muscular girl

- a cute muscular dog

- an adorkable angel boy

- Elcia from Area-X

- a boxing mini-game where you can punch the game's developer

The demo has a lot of the elements I enjoy: noir aesthetics, past lives, protagonist with a personality,  mysterious curse.

-Whose route would you choose first? And why?

Takane Hanano's route. I liked the chemistry between him and Hinata, as well as the fact they have to work on the presentation together.  And I'd love to know what happened in their past lives.

-Which version did you play? (PC/Mac/Android/Web?)


-What's your favorite scene/event?

When Hakumei discovers her curse, when Hinata drops her onigiri, when Hinata asks Riku how lucky a certain mascot is, when Takane says he beat Hinata's record last month. Also, I liked the opening movie a lot.

-Are you interested in playing the full release? :>

Yes. I'm looking forward to it!

P.S. Are the characters' routes going to have unique storylines, or will they follow the same plot?

One of my most favourite games ever! Beautifully crafted multi-route mystery with charming cast and amazing protagonist. Elcia is one of the best female protagonists I have ever seen in visual novels. Love her personality and backstory.  The work that was put into creating this game and the extra gallery is incredible.

Very cute and heartwarming story with beautiful art, adorable characters and lots of seashells ^^