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P.S. I sent you an e-mail. I hope it was  delivered without being flagged as spam.

Congratulations on the release!!! The new cover art looks amazing ^^

Great news!!! Can't wai to find out the truth behind the murder mystery. I'm looking forward to the final version of DiaG!

Such a lovely visual novel! Beautiful art, charming character designs, enjoyable music. Small animations are a nice addition to the CGs and the chibi art is adorable.

The love story of Elisabeth the demon and Taiki the human was sweet and wholesome, and Taiki's interactions with his siblings and grandparents were cute and funny. Elisabeth becoming a big sister figure for shy little Reza was so heartwarming.

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Congratulations on becoming a parent and Happy New Year!!! May the year of the Dragon bring you and your family a lot of happiness and joy!

The extra story is absolutely adorable! It was nice to know about the main plot events from Maple's perspective. The childhood flashback was a great addition to the story. Little Cali and Maple are so cute. Cali's face expressions are precious!

Congratulation on v2! Can't wait to read the extra story!

P.S. I hope the little Christmas gift I sent to your e-mail have been delivered without being flagged as spam.

Aww, Fei is so adorable!!! ♡

This visual novel is as warm and fluffy as tuna rice! The colour scheme looks very aestetic and the camera work is impressive. I also liked the fish bone cursor and cute tuna image in the menus.

Yes, I'll be looking forward to the visual novel about these characters!

Nice atmospheric winter story with a bit of horror.  Crowe's face expressions are amazing. Anta did a great job with his sprite .

Very impressive work. Great short story with beautiful artwork.

I liked how the characters' interactions have been portayed without the use of words. It was interesting to see the perspectives of both characters. The story is light-hearted yet bitterweet with the hint of a possible happy ending in the future

Such an amazing demo! The characters are  very well written and their dialogues are enjoyable to read. Keiichi's reactions are priceless, his face expressions and  body language convey his feelings perfectly.  The murder case seems to be really interesting.  And all the 4 suspects seem to be hiding something, and quite literally: Amber has bandages on her hand, Terano is wearing his falconry glove, Jura refuses to take off her hoodie,  Ryuunosuke is bundeled up all cozy... Looks like Keiichi and his team are going to discover many secrets! The ending of the demo was hilarious. I espicially liked Amber's plant puns. 

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I'm looking forward to the extra stories ^^

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I have purchased HTFLK a few years ago, but it looks like I forgot to leave a comment. It's such a charming game, meow ^^  The art is pretty and the voice acting is very good. The love story of Regina and Juli is cute and funny. Myana's character design is very beautiful <3

A charming, sweet, and cozy story with adorable characters.

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Such an adorable visual novel! The artwork is lovely, the characters are very cute, and the story is sweet, touching, and sentimental. I enjoyed the cozy autumn atmosphere of this VN. And I liked how the main menu changed after finishing the reading ^^

Here are 2 chibi fanarts to support the team:

Such a touching bittersweet story about friendship and forgiveness. The character designs for Ren, Iroha, Komainu, and the Youkai are absolutely gorgeous. The art and the music create an amazing haunting atmosphere.

Very atmospheric dark fairytale with amazing visuals and beautiful character designs. The team did a great job!

Hog best girl!

Such an intriguing Halloween murder mystery! Can't wait for the final chapter. 

So cute and funny. Kuku fhtagn!

Very atmospheric story with charming characters, beautiful art, nice music, and wonderful voice acting.

Very impressive work. The atmosphere of the mysterious haunted mansion is absolutely amazing.

 I liked how unique each character's personality and storyline was. Great character designs, soundtrack and voice acting. 

I wish there were more than two CGs, but the ones featured in the current version of the visual novel are really beautiful. 

I enjoyed discovering the ghosts' backstories and helping them to move on.

Finally, Natural - Beyond Nature - is on itchio! I like this game very much. The story is so touching, the artwork is beautiful, and Voices From The Sea character cameos are great. I also had a lot of fun with finding all those Mirage Fish hidden in the backgrounds ^^

Thank you very much for the information! 

P.S. I wish I could cheer the team up with more "To Become a Tengu" fanarts (I sent a few to the project lead's e-mail in the past), but since my drawing skills are not very good, I'm afraid I might be more of a burden than support.

I apologize for barging in on the conversation. 

If I'm not mistaken, I think I saw a message at Lepapirouge's twitter account regarding the writing of one of "To Become a Tengu" routes (Takane's?) being finished.

Is the team still planning to release Takane's route in 2023 with Riku's and Nitori's routes being put on hold? Or did the plans have changed and all three routes are scheduled to be released at the same time?

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With Eyes of Ice is an incredibly atmospheric visual novel. The opening sequence impressed me a lot! The visuals went so well with the text. Cute character designs look perfect for a sweet, fluffy otome game, but don't let that fact fool you: the story gets darker and gives the vibes of a gothic horror near the end. The characters feel alive and their interactions (depending on the scene) are heartwarming and heartbreaking.

P.S. Nataniel's personality is as beautiful as his character design T_T

Blake is such an interesting and complex character. And so funny sometimes. I like him a lot. Sunny is a cute girl, reading her conversations with grumpy Blake was very enjoyable.

Everything about this VN is so beautiful - the story itself, the writing, the character designs, the music, the feelings. Toma's character development was nice and the final scene was very emotional. There is also a funny extra scene ^^

Superb writing, charming artwork, beautiful music. I liked a lot how the text and the visuals had brought to life the secluded inn lost among the winter mountains, as well as the inn's inhabitants. Eiji, the narrator, describes everything in such a great detail that everything feels so real.

If only Hijiri knew she had another fan... Just kidding. This VN is very different from All The Words She Wrote (obviously!). In fact, Ayumu's tale felt like a total opposite of the (mostly) sweet and funny story of Mayo. It's much darker and the atmosphere and the feeling of uneasiness reminds me of Lynne. The visual designs are very interesting. I liked the old school aesthetics a lot.

Funny story, cute characters, hilarious premise. The scenes where the character discussed yandere drama CDs were priceless ^^

This visual novel is a great fandisk for the fans of Ebi-Hime's older works. It's a school AU featuring the characters from various VNs of Ebi-Hime. Kazuki, DeQuincey, Hattie, Toma, Lyon, Nanami, Ryo, Robin, Clair, Selene, Paya, Taohua, Constance. If these names sound familiar to you, then you may give this VN a try^^

Masterfully done psychological horror. This VN makes the reader feel uncomfortable by following the daily life of Lynn. Her family is not a perfect one, her dreams are disturbing... and there is also Lynne, her classmate who looks eerily similar to Lynn.

Nanami is very different from the other protagonists of Ebi-Hime's visual novels. She is an extravert, she is not afraid to hurt other people's feelings, she swears a lot. She's quite an obnoxious character but that is what makes her an interesting narrator. I liked her friendship with Ryo very much.

Nice little story about two childhood friends finally following their hearts. The basketball themed GUI looks very stylish.

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By the way, there is a spinoff of Voices From The Sea, Natural - Beyond Nature -. Cantus and his family appear there as side characters. For some reason it's not on itchio (yet?), but it can be purchased on Steam or from ZeivaInc official website.

edit: Yay! Natural - Beyond Nature - is on itchio now!