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the problem is that i don't want a next time

well i've done the story in one session and didn't save and now it's all gone

Can u please put a gallery option for the game? cause i just completed the whole game in one run without saving and now if i want to see the gallery i have to do the whole game again.

how can i alter that code? i been searching for it in the binaries but found nothing. i feel like i'm search the wrong area can u help?

idk what to do anymore....
day220, breed 410, level 80 and still first down gallery slot is locked, is it going to be in a update or i havnt reached it yet?

i killed the devil but my check list is still zero and the corpse is still breathing. help

press Tab. anything you pick goes into you inventory

help! game in beginning of fight in third throb patrol crashes and turn into a blank white page with sound and when i restart the game latest save file disappears. platform:PC