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Pretty fun game, the controls are kinda janky (especially when it comes to wallrunning), but it doesn't negatively impact the game too bad. I really enjoyed the movement and how open it was. My only complaints would be how short it is and how laggy it can get on older hardware. Lower framerates didn't stop me from trying my hand at speedrunning it though :p

Pretty nice game, I love the map, although it's a bit heavy on the invisible walls. Thankfully I found my way around those :^)

Great game! I really appreciate the in-game timer. In fact I liked it so much it made me want to do this: 

With that said, any possibility of having a full-game timer in the future? :)

I've had the same problem. It appears to have something to do with a controller being plugged in. I have a PS4 controller and emulate it with Steam, and a lot of unity games seem to have this problem.

The cursor doesn't stay inside the window.
Cursor dissapears completely if you let a stage time out.
In free play, balls don't seem to collide with the blue tables(?).
Throwing balls in hoops from the bottom gives you points.
You can't pick up balls from the ground.